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Astronomy, Kinds Of Astronomers study light, and almost everything we know about the universe has been figured out through the study of light gathered by telescopes on Earth, in Earth's atmosph... Read more
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Careers in Astronomy During just the last few years of the twentieth century, astronomers began to find planets orbiting other stars. They also made detailed measurements of the remnant radiation left... Read more
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Astronomy Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe as a whole and of objects that exist naturally in space, such as the Moon, planets, stars, and galaxies. The Sun is a rather typical star mo... Read more
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Ancient Scientists Learn About the Planets Overview Today we know that the planets are nine large spherical objects that rotate around the Sun and reflect light from the Sun and that Earth is a planet... Read more
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Medieval Religion, Science, and Astronomy During the European Dark Ages there was no coherent system of scientific or philosophical thought. Throughout Western civilization, theological doctrine and d... Read more
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Astronomy Astronomy, the oldest of all the sciences, seeks to describe the structure, movements, and processes of celestial bodies. Some ancient ruins provide evidence that the most remote ancestors o... Read more
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Stars and Early Stargazers On a calm and dry night, when the sky is clear and moonless, a person standing in a field or on a hill miles from any source of light may be able to see with the unaided eye... Read more
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Astronomy Astronomy, the oldest of all the sciences, seeks to describe the structure, movements and processes of celestial bodies. Some of the most ancient ruins of early civilization provide evidence... Read more
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Astronomy Astronomy, from the Greek astron, star, plus nomos, law—thus the laws or regular patterns of the stars—is now defined as the science of objects beyond the Earth's atmosp... Read more