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The prosperity and influence Athens had drew people of every kind in to the land. During the Golden Age, the period around 400 B.C, artists and teachers arrived from all over Greece to the Greek cen... Read more
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The body is an important motif of Greek art. The Greek are famous for their many sculptures. Their depiction of the human body was not an immediate change to a set pattern. It evolved over the year... Read more
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Greece is a completely different civilization compared to what existed before in the world. Greece has cultural roots within its civilization that make it an extremely advanced nation for its time. Th... Read more
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The Hellenistic period begins after the Classical period ends. Sculpture in the Hellenistic period takes a huge turn from the direction it was going before. The advancement in sculpture in the Helleni... Read more
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Many times, when a person admires or respects something of another person's, they just can't help but create something similar for themselves. This idea carries over into cultures, as well, like tha... Read more