And Then You Die . . . Summary
Iris Johansen

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And Then You Die . . . Summary

The dangers of terrorism come in many forms. Random acts of violence have become a way of life in many places around the world. America has had a number of terrorist attacks since the late 1970s—some from groups from other countries, some from within. Random violence is always met with feelings of outrage and sympathy from the general public. The government entities responsible for the safety of the nation do all they can to minimize these attacks, recognizing that one form the attack might take is biological. Called bioterrorism, the use of a disease-producing virus or germ is well within the spectrum of terrorist acts.

Control of biological warfare, one form of which has become bioterrorism, has been studied and discussed among many nations since the 1960s. A formal treaty was signed in 1972, prohibiting the production of biological weapons of mass destruction.

Concern has been ongoing...

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