An Imperfect Spy Summary
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

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An Imperfect Spy Summary

The major theme in An Imperfect Spy is self-determination. The book deals with women negotiating or attempting to negotiate in a male dominated world and the male response to female behavior. All of the female characters struggle to direct their own lives. Harriet, the oldest, has taken control of her life by assuming a new identity and rejecting her old lifestyle. Betty, the battered wife, wagered but lost control of her life by killing her husband. Nellie, the tenured faculty member, dies as a result of an accident due to the pressure and harassment in academe. Barbara, the third-year law student, is trying to decide how many concessions she can make to the system and still retain her sense of self. Kate is an independent entity; her economic independence has made her immune to most control by the system, she is involved in a long-term relationship with Reed...

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