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Alcoholism This section contains articles on some aspects of chronic drinking: Abstinence versus Controlled Drinking and Origin of the Term. For further information on this subject, see Disease Concep... Read more
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Alcohol: Chemistry Alcohol occurs naturally when fruits, vegetables, and grains exposed to bacteria in the air undergo the process of fermentation. People can create and speed up the conditions for fe... Read more
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Alcoholism Definition Alcoholism is the popular term for two disorders: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. The key element of these disorders is that a person's use of alcohol has repeatedly... Read more
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Alcohol What Kind of Drug Is It? Alcohol is an ancient drug. Beer and wine jugs well over 5,000 years old have been excavated from archaeological sites in southwest Asia and northern Africa. Prehistor... Read more
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Before recorded history, human beings discovered that grape juice, when exposed to naturally occurring yeasts, becomes wine. Scientists would eventually describe this process as fermentation, thousand... Read more