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Arthur Miller wrote the play "A View From the Bridge" in 1955 when he was living in New York. In the 1950's New York was a very showbiz and glamorous place and was known as the capital of the world, i... Read more
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Tony Alfieri is an Italian-American lawyer who immigrated to America after his family had been killed by the totalitarian regime of Benito Mussolini. Though Alfieri was only present in several scenes ... Read more
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Many of Arthur Miller's plays examine the position of individual in relation to their responsibilities and position in society and may be seen, as a result, to be political. `A view from the Bridge' ... Read more
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Marco and Rodolfo are very different in looks and character. Arthur Miller clearly portrays both brothers as being more different than alike. With regard to looks, Marco is macho while Rodolfo is goo... Read more
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As we knew from the play that Eddie is a longshoreman in the forties and a little over-weighted. He lives in a low class community. It has poor buildings, poor people and poor salary. Eddie himself d... Read more
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The character of Eddie is an interesting one; he's a loving caring father. He can sometimes be overprotective of his niece. He's a hardworking longshoreman with a sense of humor and on top of all hosp... Read more
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WHAT MAKES "A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" BY ARTHUR MILLER `GOOD' THEATRE" A View from the Bridge is a post war play centred on longshoreman Eddie Carbonne. Eddie lives with wife Beatrice, and niece Cathe... Read more