A Conjuring of Light Summary
V. E. Schwab

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A Conjuring of Light Overview

In the conclusion to this best-selling fantasy trilogy, V. E. Schwab returns to the four Londons and the stakes are higher than ever before for the young Kell, Lila, Rhy, and Alucard. Set mostly in a world parallel to ours - Red London - royal siblings Kell and Rhy must work with the thief Lila and the pirate Alucard in order to keep everyone they love safe. The four magicians face great peril as Osaron works to take over Red London. Schwab employs multiple perspectives and imagery in order to create the sense of urgency that permeates the novel. She also engages in world-building, crafting four distinct worlds centered around London: Red, Black, White, and Grey; the latter is the world as the reader knows it. Schwab explores themes of loyalty, death, and love as well as the dichotomy of good versus evil throughout A Conjuring of Light.

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