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Perspective, when used correctly, can be the defining element of a story. Stories, and especially films, often rely on characters to guide the audience through the plot. When the perspective of a char... Read more
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Plot Synopsis: This movie is based on the cruelly ironic story of John Forbes Nash Jr., who won a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 66 for his revolutionary approach to game theory in his Princeton doct... Read more
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The movie "A Beautiful Mind" inspired by John Nash was a movie about an astonishing mathematician who was so close to national praise but then his life drastically changed course when his brilliance w... Read more
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I have done case studies for numerous years but I found the case of John Nash the most intriguing. John Nash was mildly arrogant, charming, and an extremely gifted mathematician. He would scribble mat... Read more
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Personally I loved the movie. It was amazing. I never realized how hard it was to have a mental illness. I mean he didn't understand why anyone couldn't see Charles, Marcee and Parchar. Like my b... Read more
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In health class we watched the movie A Beautiful Mind. The movie taught me a lot on the illness of schizophrenia. The movie has a very descriptive summary, the movie fully describes the movie's portra... Read more
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John Nash was a boy with a childhood that was not so much like an average person her was very lonely and found a lot of refuge in books. He was a genius; however he was unmotivated because he didn't ... Read more
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Forever has insanity plagued our lives. From the beginning of those out of the norm were labeled out of their minds. We look back at the old chiefs and medicine men and what do we see? Men who must ha... Read more
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The commonality between the films Good Will Hunting and A Beautiful Mind lies in the heart and the capacity of the human spirit to triumph even during the most dire circumstances. There seems to be m... Read more
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"I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible." This quote elicits facets of the human condition that are portrayed within "A Beautiful Mind" - in particular, the dignity and strength ... Read more