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1960s: Commerce Until the 1990s, the 1960s marked the longest uninterrupted period of American economic expansion. The American economy was the largest in the world. Its giant corporations, such as Ge... Read more
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1960s: Fashion As with other areas of American popular culture, fashion underwent a real transition in the 1960s, from conservatism to excess, from social conformity (doing what society expects) to in... Read more
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The Innocent 1960s: Politics in the Kennedy Years In the early 2000s, President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963; served 1961–63) was widely esteemed as one of the most important leaders in U.... Read more
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Another Dream for America: the Conservative Vision The 1960s is known as a decade of political movements. The civil rights movement, the New Left student movement, the feminist movement, and the antiw... Read more
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Sixties Counterculture: the Hippies and Beyond When people in the early 2000s think about the 1960s, they might think first about the "hippies." Along with the civil rights movement, ant... Read more
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Sports and the Changing Tides of American Culture in the 1960s The 1960s had its share of thrilling athletic events, fiercely contested rivalries, dominant teams, and inspiring sports heroes. The Gree... Read more
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The Arts in 1960s America The arts—literature, art, dance, and theater—went through a fascinating period of growth and change during the 1960s. New, experimental art forms like pop art a... Read more
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The Enduring Legacy of the 1960s As the 1960s began, Americans were filled with hope and optimism. Their newly elected president, John F. Kennedy (1917–1963; served 1961–63), called on A... Read more
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In the Beginning Rumblings of the Counterculture Political Awakenings Revolutionary Musical Changes Escalating the War in Vietnam Resisting the War Make Love, Not War 1968: The Year of Chaos Radicali... Read more
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Although the 1960s are long past, events and influences of that turbulent era continue to color American culture. Looking back, the early sixties seem as flat and gray as the old, grainy black-and-whi... Read more
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The Final Frontier. The new frontier of outer space captured the imaginations of scientists and of the public in the 1960s. Astronomers discovered quasi-stellar objects, or quasars, and beamed radio ... Read more
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Public Issues. The "Death of God"; no compulsory prayer or Bible reading in the public schools; nuns and priest leaving their orders for secular lives, including marriage — the religi... Read more
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Not a Revolution. In the media, if not in other segments of American life, the 1960s were a decade of consolidation, not revolution. After the radical change brought about by television in the 1950s,... Read more
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Dramatic Changes. The 1960s were a decade of change, often so dramatic that some feared for the American way of life. Minorities, women, and young people challenged the Establishment — mostly w... Read more
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Change versus Consolidation. During the 1960s major changes took place in American attitudes toward and about the law. At the same time the law itself was consolidating a trend in the direction of in... Read more
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A Decade of Contrasts. The 1960s were years of enormous contrasts in American politics. President John F. Kennedy's challenge to "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you ca... Read more
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A Time of Transition. The 1960s were a time of transition in every aspect of American life, and the world of taste and fashion was no exception. To move from conservative Jacqueline Kennedy dress sui... Read more
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Educational Crisis. Americans in the 1960s became aware that the nation was suffering from a shortage of citizens whose education and training were sufficient to meet the technological challenges of ... Read more
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Cracks in the System? Read more
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Plan of this Volume Read more