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1950s: the Way We Lived The 1950s are sometimes thought of as America's bland decade, a decade when family life was stable and America's cities were safe. The economy was booming and mos... Read more
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The Fifties The 1950s were a time of rapid change and lock step conformity, of new forms emerging out of old, and technical innovations proceeding at a breakneck pace. For all the talk of traditional ... Read more
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Giant Steps. Great strides were made in American science during the 1950s. Major inventions and discoveries were almost daily events, and previously ignored technology improved upon and made commerci... Read more
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Surge in Affiliation Read more
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The Decade of Television. The stereotype that labels the 1950s as a sleepy, conformist decade is at no time less true than when discussing the media. The 1950s were revolutionary years in the media. ... Read more
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Baby Boom. The 1950s was a decade of unprecedented economic and population growth for the United States. The baby boom that had begun in the years immediately following World War II continued well in... Read more
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Who's Watching the Watchmen? Blind Justice? How Much Did Lawyers Make? Read more
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1950s Politics Sentimentalized. Current baby-boomer nostalgia has, for the most part, washed over — and sanitized — the political history of the 1950s. When compared to the turbulent deca... Read more
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Overview Women's Factory: Femininity is the Key Hair Imitates Art Dior and the Full-Figured Gal-Bosom Buddies No More? Men's Fashions: Gray Flannel Suits Who Cares? A Call to Bare Arms American Desig... Read more
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Even if some Americans in the 1950s still believed that "a little learnin' goes a long way," they became concerned during the decade that it took more than a little learning to face the chal... Read more
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Importance of the Economy. By 1950 people generally recognized that the nation's economy — the financial performance of its businesses — affects every American personally. The security of... Read more
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Plan of this Volume Read more