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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Government and Politics Summary
27,292 words, approx. 91 pages
The systems of government in the American colonies looked much like the British government. England and the colonies had executives (England had a king; each colony had a governor) and two-house legislatures (England had a Parliament with a House of...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Business and Economy Summary
21,004 words, approx. 70 pages
On the eve of the American Revolution, London was the metropolitan center of an empire that included Ireland, India, Ceylon (present- day Sri Lanka), the African Gold Coast (present-day Ghana), Newfoundland, Hudson Bay, Nova Scotia, Quebec, the...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Lifestyles, Social Trends, and Fashion Summary
20,123 words, approx. 67 pages
The revolutionary era was bracketed by two long wars in which much blood and money were spent. Yet, paradoxically, in this age the population of British North America surged upward, and colonial merchants and planters became lavishly wealthy. The...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Law and Justice Summary
17,922 words, approx. 60 pages
The regulation of trade and duties on imports were interlocking elements of British imperial structure. Trade between colonial merchants and non-British ports, both in Europe and in the West Indies, had grown to scandalous levels during the French and...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Communications Summary
15,991 words, approx. 53 pages
The period 1754 to 1783 not only witnessed a political revolution but one in communications as well. In 1754 most inhabitants of British North America would readily call themselves Britons and would also identify themselves with their resident...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Education Summary
15,698 words, approx. 52 pages
In colonial America education included many types of learning, with little emphasis placed on formal schooling. Parents were more involved in their children's learning than the government was, and schools received support from a great variety of...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Military Summary
12,904 words, approx. 43 pages
By 1755 the ninety thousand French colonists along the St. Lawrence River in North America had fought several wars with the 1.5 million English colonists on the eastern seaboard. Most of these wars were the result of conflicts fought mainly in Europe,...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: Science and Medicine Summary
9,539 words, approx. 32 pages
In 1743 Benjamin Franklin considered America's prospects for the pursuit of science: "The first drudgery of settling new colonies which confines the attention of people to mere necessaries is now pretty well over; and there are many in every province...
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Revolutionary Era 1754-1783: World Events Summary
2,781 words, approx. 9 pages
—Queen Maria Theresa (1740-1780); King Joseph II (1780-1790). Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796). King Louis XV (1715-1774); Louis XVI (1774-1793). King George II (1727-1760); George III (1760-1820); Prime Ministers: Henry Pelham (1746-1754);...
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French and Indian War, Legacy Of Summary
1,709 words, approx. 6 pages
The French and Indian War, or Seven Years' War as it is termed in Europe, began in North America in 1754 when George Washington's forces clashed with the French in western Pennsylvania (war was not formally declared between Britain and...

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