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Mactunappears in The Gift of Rain Mountain.

Mactun is a young boy living in South America. He longs to become a warrior and hopes to prove his worth by delivering important messages to and from his village. Mactun takes a short cut through Rain Mountain, even though he knows the mountain is enchanted. He turns down numerous bribes by the Lord of the Mountain, but can't turn down having his ultimate wish granted. Mactun wishes there to be no more war and the Lord grants his wish, leaving Mactun alone in the world.

Fare.appears in The Magestone.

Fare is a teenaged boy who sails on a ship with his uncle. Fare wears a good luck charm on his neck given to him by his mother. Fare's father wore the charm and the only time he left it behind is the time he never returned home. Fare is brave and kind. He tries to help the mermaid he meets, even though it is apparent she wishes to kill him. He is a just person who can be trusted.

Eli.appears in Eli and the Dybbuk.

Eli is a Jewish teenager who has been promised in marriage by his parents. Eli is going to become a scholar, but longs to be a soldier. His heritage, loyalty and honor are tested when he meets with an evil dybbuk. Eli learns that his dreams are not necessarily realistic and that he cares for his bride-to-be more than he thought.

Ada.appears in Heartless.

Ada is an orphaned hedge witch who survives war by robbing dead bodies on the battlefield. Her mother placed a spell on Ada so that she would no longer feel pain, fear or sorrow. However, she can't feel love either. Ada feels nothing in life and learns that being numb to life and emotions is not truly living. She wears a piece of her petrified heart around her neck.

Tari.appears in Lioness.

Tari is the teen daughter of an African queen. She is sent to become a priestess while her brother is sent to be a warrior. Tari wants to be a warrior more than anything and trains as one while at her temple. Tari channels the animals of her faith to defeat the Romans who come to destroy her people and her culture.

Helen.appears in Thunderbolt.

Helen is a princess of Sparta who has been kidnapped and taken to Greece as a war bride. Helen doesn't want to be in Greece and she refuses to be humbled by her captor. She doesn't believe that women are unable to fend for themselves. Helen devises a plan to escape her captors. She escapes Greece and is able to return to her home.

Taravati.appears in Devil Wind.

Taravati is the Indian child bride of a man working for a British family living in India. She and her best friend escape being murdered and meet a witch. Taravati trades her life to the witch for an opportunity to enact revenge on the person who killed the people she loves. Taravati takes on a different identity and kills the man who killed her husband and friends.

Melvin.appears in The Boy Who Cried

Melvin is a teenage boy who undertakes his village's rite of passage in order to impress a girl. He goes off to fight and kill a dragon. Melvin meets a dragon who becomes his friend. The two talk about girls, acne and bravery. Melvin doesn't kill the dragon he meets and makes sure that no one else can kill the dragon either.

Kylaia.appears in Student of Ostriches.

Kylaia is a teenage girl who learns to fight by watching ostriches in the desert. When her sister's fiancee lies about their relationship, Kylaia fights the man and wins, restoring her family's honor. Kylaia impresses a legendary warrior who asks her to come and train with him and his fellow warriors.

Gulpilil.appears in Serpent's Rock.

Gulpilil is a teenage boy who makes arrows and spearheads for his village. He is not trained as a warrior, but he is a brave boy who knows he must risk his life to save his sister. Gulpilil lives in the Australian Outback. He travels to Serpent's Rock to destroy a beast that has killed everyone in his sister's village. Gulpilil works with the animals he meets along the way and earns the trust of the Great Serpent. He wins against the beast and goes to find his sister.

Heriot.appears in Hidden Warriors.

Heriot is a great wizard who can read the minds of others. He thinks he may be the Hidden Warrior talked about in legends, but isn't sure. Heriot has a difficult time accepting his gift. He uses his mind reading abilities to help his king uncover his enemies, however, Heriot does not use his ability to uncover his own enemies. Heriot discovers that the girl he has been helping is a true warrior and they become a team.

Kelyn.appears in Emerging Legacy.

Kelyn is a clumsy teenage girl whose father is a great warrior and hunter. Kelyn is known for being able to find food for her village, but she isn't taken very seriously. Kelyn comes up with a plan to save herself and her friends from slavers who would harm them. She proves that she is smart and capable, even if she is clumsy.

Sais.appears in An Axe for Men.

Sais is a priestess in her village. When her people must leave their homeland in search of food, Sais notices the queen is no longer being true to their gods and their faith. Sais steals the Axe of Sacrifice and forges her own faith in order to help her people. She exposes the queen's corruption and provides for the people of the region.

Bridget/Maire/Miriam. appears in Acts of Faith.

Bridget, Maire and Miriam are three girls of different faiths who end up in the same Irish convent during World War II. The girls each hide secrets regarding their pasts and their true faiths. They work together to perform a magical spell that transports them to the United States. Their escape saves the life of Miriam, a Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis.

Brinn.appears in Swords That Talk.

Brinn is a teenage boy who is eager to prove himself as a warrior. He goes in search of a troll who is believed to be hiding treasure. Brinn hopes to kill the troll and bring the treasure to his people. Brinn discovers that treasure will create more problems than it solves, so he hides the treasure and returns home knowing he sacrificed his dream for the good of his people.

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