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Becky Albertalli
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Yes No Maybe So Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections:

This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli.

The following version was used to make this guide: Albertalli, Becky and Aisha Saeed. Yes No Maybe So. New York, New York: Balzer + Bray, 2020. This young adult novel is 36 chapters long, but for the purposes of this guide will be broken into nine sections, each section roughly four chapters long.

The novel opens from Jamie’s perspective as he crashes into a tangelo stand at Target, and two girls walk by. Jamie and his sister Sophie pick up snacks for the local campaign, and drop them off while Gabe the local campaign staffer begs them to canvass but they refuse. Once home, Jamie’s mother tells him he will make a toast at his sister’s upcoming bat mitzvah but Jamie refuses as he is a bad public speaker. The perspective switches to Maya as she shops through Target with her best friend Sara. Maya is devastated Sara is leaving for college, but also upset because her parents are on a trial separation. Once home, Maya’s parents talk to her about their separation and summer. Without a car, Maya’s summer looks increasingly awful. Jamie meanwhile, hangs out with friends, and feels dread about the toast.

A few days later Jamie catches Maya’s eye at an interfaith event. Maya finds her Mom, while her Mom finds Jamie’s Mom and they start talking while Gabe comes up to all of them and asks them to canvass for Rossum. Maya’s Mom signs her up. A few days later Jamie and Maya meet to canvass together.

That weekend, Maya’s Mom suggests that if she keeps canvassing, she will get Maya a car. Maya canvasses with Jamie that same day. They canvass Kevin who tells them about Fifi, a racist anti-semitic poodle meme bumper sticker. Their next door neighbor is an angry white man who makes racist comments. They both feel sad, but Maya wants to keep canvassing to keep racists out of office.

A few days later, Maya gets excited when InstaGramm follows her, but Jamie does not admit it was him behind his Grandma’s account. Jamie hears on NPR about State Representative Holden offering a bill (H.B. 28) to ban partial face coverings. Maya is upset about the bill, and Jamie suggests they talk directly to Representative Holden.

A few days later Jamie picks up Maya to meet with Holden’s legislative director Ms. Dickers. Dickers explains how they are concerned about public safety. Their meeting is over quickly and as they walk out Jamie explains to Maya that if Newton wins, the Republicans will have a veto-proof supermajority in both state legislative chambers. When they walk back to Jamie’s car it has been tagged with a Fifi bumper sticker. Meanwhile, Maya’s parents are still separated and have not given Maya any timeline about getting back together. Maya’s relationship with Sara grows strained as the two cannot find time to see each other, while Jamie’s relationship with his friends also grows challenging as they struggle to understand how Jamie feels.

Ramadan is over, but Maya has not heard from Sara acknowledging the holiday. She posts a selfie on Instagram hoping Sara will notice. Jamie takes her to Intermezzo Cafe for chocolate cake, where they are mistaken for a couple. Maya decides to talk to Sara about their friendship, and they have a big fight - Maya accusing Sara of not making time for her, and Sara accusing Maya of not understanding her economic privilege. Maya leaves in tears to go to Jamie’s house, where he comforts her.

Election Day grows closer but they need to do more to win. Jamie and Maya decide instead of canvassing to work on defeating H.B. 28, and make flyers to hand out. Jamie tells his Mom he wants to pass out flyers at Sophie’s bat mitzvah and she says no. He tells his friends about his fight with his Mom, and they tell him to just ask Maya to Sophie’s bat mitzvah, and she says yes. They try to hand out flyers at Target but are told no. They go instead to meet Grandma at a local restaurant, but find a teenage boy outside tagging cars with the Fifi sticker. Jamie films it on Instagram Live.

Grandma’s video goes viral, and Jamie and Maya become famous. They start a hashtag trending - FifiGetsFlipped. The campaign office grows packed with volunteers as Maya and Jamie continue to get closer, even snuggling on the couch one night watching The Office together. Jamie’s Mom warns him though that Rossum might not win, and tells him to ask out Maya on a date. A few days later Jamie takes Maya to meet Rossum in person and they take pictures together to post, and Jamie admits to Maya he followed her under InstaGramm.

At Sophie’s bat mitzvah, Jamie and Maya distribute their flyers, and afterwards Maya and Jamie sit on his car and talk. Jamie tells Maya he loves her and they almost kiss. Back inside, Jamie gives the toast and everyone dances. Maya confesses to Jamie she got involved in canvassing to get a car, but it became more. They realize everyone is staring at them, and Sophie tells him Gabe posted a picture of them kissing on Instagram and it went viral. Maya gets upset and leaves.

The next day, Jamie and Maya each feel heartbroken. Jamie’s Mom says she is proud of him, while Maya’s parents tell her that dating is complicated. They also give Maya a car, as promised. On Election Day Maya realizes she is in love with Jamie and runs to Target. She finds him in the patio section and they make out. Later they go to the election party and Rossum loses by three points. They are devastated. Someone at the party tells them that lawyers are teaming up to fight the H.B. 28 bill and they found out through a flyer at Sophie’s bat mitzvah. Jamie is still upset, but Maya tells him they need to keep fighting, and the book ends as they kiss.

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