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Susan Ee
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World After is the second novel in the Angelfall Series by Susan Ee. In this novel, Penryn miraculously has come back to life after the attack on the angel aerie, frightening the members of the Resistance with whom she is riding, including her mother. Separated from Raffe, Penryn finds herself not only caring for her mentally ill mother, but also wondering how to deal with the alterations the angels have made to her sister. Penryn cannot even figure out how much of her sister is still human. World After is an exciting sequel that will leave the reader wondering just how far an angel will go to create the Apocalypse.

Penryn wakes in the back of a truck after the attack on the angel aerie, frightening all those around her who had thought she was dead. Penryn, her mother, and sister go to the Resistance headquarters and are given a space to rest. Paige refuses to eat no matter how hard Penryn and her mother try. At the same time, Penryn finds herself wanting to help her sister, but also trying to stay away from her because of the odd changes the angels made to her during her captivity at the aerie.

Penryn rides along on a surveillance trip into San Francisco, only to have her team turn around and go to the aerie where they have picked up a great deal of activity. When they arrive, they see warrior angels digging up the bodies of their dead comrades and bringing them back to life. Also while they are there, Penryn spots the woman she saved from the scorpion creatures during the attack. The woman, Clara, has skin that looks old and dried up, but otherwise she seems healthy.

Penryn returns to the headquarters and is attacked by two men who want her sword. After Paige saves her with her newly sharpened teeth, Penryn begins having dreams in which she sees Raffe fighting with his sword. Through these dreams, Penryn begins to learn how to use the sword, leading her to believe the sword is communicating with her in some way.

A commotion outside catches Penryn’s attention. Penryn is shocked to discover that her sister has attacked one of the men who had tried to take Penryn’s sword the day before. Penryn tries to argue with the men holding her sister, but before they can come to any kind of agreement, a group of the scorpion things arrives. Several people are attacked and Paige gets away.

Penryn tries to convince the families of the scorpion victims that the victims are not dead, but no one will listen to her. The leader of the Resistance then locks Penryn and her mother in a police car for the night. Clara comes out and drives them away in an effort to rescue them. They go to the pier at Angel Island. Penryn notices a lot of angel activity over Alcatraz. While she is trying to figure out what is happening, she realizes they are not alone on the pier. Beliel, the demon who stole Raffe’s wings, is trapping humans for an unknown reason.

Penryn tries to help the humans, but she is caught by the scorpions. Penryn, her mother, and Clara are taken to Alcatraz where Penryn gets into the middle of a fight and is removed from the cells where all the humans had been taken. Penryn is taken to a strange place where a doctor is making the scorpions from humans. Penryn and her male escorts manage to get away from the human guards and go to talk with the doctor. Penryn discovers the doctor has a video tape of her sister. The tape shows that Paige had been locked in a cell with Beliel for several days, creating an odd friendship between them. The doctor then tells Penryn that the surgical changes made to Paige are his doing and that she might not be what Penryn thinks.

Penryn is then taken to Half Moon Bay where the angels are building a new aerie. Penryn is dressed up to be Uriel’s escort for the night. At the party, Penryn overhears Uriel announcing his manipulation of the signs of the Apocalypse to start a war between the angels and the humans. Raffe is at the party and as the excited angels begin attacking the humans attending the party, he attacks Beliel. When Penryn gets into trouble, however, Raffe must come to her rescue.

Raffe and Penryn fly over the ocean and find themselves in trouble until Penryn is able to guide Raffe through the water and back to safety. Penryn and Raffe share their information and decide to return to Half Moon Bay to look for both Beliel and Paige. They find both, but are surprised when Paige attacks Beliel. Raffe manages to get his wings back from the dying demon, but then he and Penryn are attacked by the angels. Penryn kills Burnt with Raffe’s sword and then the scorpions come to their rescue. Penryn, Raffe, and Paige are able to escape.

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This section contains 850 words
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