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See Gramps Schneider

Doc Grimes

Doc Grimes is a somewhat eccentric doctor who delivered Waldo despite his concerns that something was wrong with the infant. Only Grimes has the audacity to speak plainly to the adult Waldo. He treats Waldo like the bright, but spoiled man that Waldo has become. He believes that humankind is gradually becoming weaker as they are continually exposed to low levels of radiation. He thus convinces Waldo to not only take on the problem of the failing deKalb receptors, but to find a solution that would also solve the problem of radiation exposure.

Dr. Augustus Grimes

See Doc Grimes

Dr. Gus Grimes

See Doc Grimes

Uncle Gus

See Doc Grimes

Waldo F. Jones

Waldo F. Jones is an eccentric genius who has a serious muscle disorder that renders him physically weak. To compensate for this physical handicap, Waldo has developed his mental capabilities. Moreover, Waldo invented a device to act as a strong hand for him. Though this device requires little strength to properly function, it demands the user's complete control. Waldo lives in an isolated space station of his own design, orbiting Earth. With his muscle disorder, Waldo is convinced that he is intellectually superior to the "smooth apes" that inhabit the Earth and perform physical labor for him.


See Hugh Donald MacLeod

Hugh Donald MacLeod

Dr. Stevens's assistant, Hugh introduces the hex doctor, Gramps Schneider.

Gramps Schneider

A "hex doctor" who ultimately shows Waldo how to fix the balky deKalb receptors and his own body by reaching into the "Other World" for energy, Gramps Schneider is a childhood acquaintance of Hugh MacLeod. Gramps Schneider dislikes machines and technology, yet agrees to fix the broken deKalbs that Hugh brings him because he likes to help "boys."

James Stevens

As the Chief Traffic Engineer for North American Power-Air, Dr. James Stevens must find a solution for the failing power in the "infallible" deKalb receptors. Dr. Stevens is a practical man looking for a practical solution where none exists. He decides to consult Waldo to help him solve the problem. He solicits his friend, Doc Grimes, to help him convince Waldo to solve the problem of the failing deKalbs.

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