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Chapters 36 through 43 Summary

Dirk and his team continue to work through data and clues hoping to narrow their search for the treasure. Meanwhile, Captain Collins takes the Lady Flamborough out of the harbor under cover of darkness, running down a smaller yacht in the process. Ammar refuses to warn the boat of their approach or to radio for help for the survivors. Luiz Chavez and his son, returning to the harbor from fishing, discover the wreck. However, the sharks arrive first, and there are no survivors. It's soon learned that the yacht belonged to a dignitary and that there were other VIPs on board. The wreck of the smaller yacht prompts a search for all boats in the harbor, and it's discovered that the Lady Flamborough is missing. Dirk is notified along with the information that the US government won't officially be involved other than by sending Special Operative Forces. Dirk requests the use of the NUMA equipment in the area and heads to Uruguay to find his father.

When Dirk arrives in Uruguay, he looks over satellite images that show the Lady Flamborough along with two other ships in the area. At daylight, search planes were sent out but find no trace of the yacht. The next set of satellite images shows that she's simply gone. Dirk and Giordino plan to go on the NUMA deep-water research ship the Sounder to look for wreckage along the way. Using the search equipment, Dirk finds a wrecked ship and makes a dive to investigate. He finds that it's one of the two other boats that had been seen on the satellite image photos - the General Bravo.

The Lady Flamborough has been retrofitted by the ship's passengers and crew to look like the General Bravo, including paint and fake rust marks. The crew from the General Bravo are Mexicans under the command of Machado, who is loyal to Topiltzin. Machado quickly makes it known that he knows Ammar's true identity, and Ammar knows that Yazid has sold him out. The passengers are alive but have been worked hard and are now headed into the colder waters of the Antarctic, making their light clothing unsatisfactorily cold.

Chapters 36 through 43 Analysis

It's predictable that the security forces do only a cursory check of the Lady Flamborough and her crew. They fully expect that everything is okay and haven't given any thought to the potential for a problem. The entire security forces for both presidents are summarily executed, though the hostages are not yet harmed. They're actually to be used as workers in the plan to "hide" the Lady Flamborough. The Uruguay police forces are stretched to the limit and simply don't have the manpower to deal with the tide of people.

When Nichols hears that the Egyptian president has been kidnapped, his first statement is that the US will have to write off Egypt as a potential oil supply and will be forced to look toward Mexico instead. He's asked if he really believes oil will flow over the Rio Grande.

It's also predictable that Dirk is ready to go to his father's rescue and that he's ready to take command of a NUMA ship in order to do so. In typical fashion, the government stands behind his plan, giving him whatever authority is needed to carry out his mission. When the yacht apparently disappears, many believe the kidnappers sank it. Dirk is convinced his father isn't dead, but follows the clues to search for wreckage near the place where the yacht was last sighted.

This section contains 593 words
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