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Jurgis returns to the city. Again, Jurgis finds himself standing outside factory gates in search of work. Soon, Jurgis is out of money and finds himself stealing from green-grocers and begging again. Jurgis goes to political speeches just to have a warm place to go at night. One night, Jurgis runs into an old acquaintance from Packingtown who tells him where he can find Marija. When Jurgis goes to the address where Marija is, he finds that it is a brothel that is being raided. Jurgis and Marija are arrested. Jurgis spends the night feeling guilty for leaving his family in a position for Marija to feel she had to become a prostitute.

The following morning, after they are released, Jurgis visits with Marija and learns of the hard time she and Elzbieta had after leaving Packingtown. Marija insists that becoming a prostitute is the only option she had to care for the remaining children after Stanislovas died. Marija then tells Jurgis what it is like in this work, both the horror of it and the good. Finally, Marija sends Jurgis to see Elzbieta.

Jurgis wanders the street, too ashamed to return to Elzbieta without a job. To avoid it a little longer, Jurgis finds himself at a speech by a Socialist. At first Jurgis does not listen. In fact, he falls asleep. However, when Jurgis sees how inspired the woman beside him is by the speech, he begins to listen. Jurgis hears truth in the man’s speech.


Jurgis returns to the city, and once again finds himself begging on the street. Jurgis continuously goes from having everything he could need to being left destitute. It is a difficult existence that shows the reader how easy it is for someone to go from comfort to nothing. This is further illustrated when Jurgis discovers that Marija is a prostitute. It is a sad existence that has left everyone doing all they can to survive.

Jurgis learns how bad life really was for Marija and the others after he left. Not only did Stanislovas die a terrible death, but Marija lost her love to the packing houses and had to give herself up to a horrible life. Marija's prostitution is shameful, but she felt she had no choice and she does not feel ashamed of her ability to care for the family. It was desperation that led Marija to her situation and she is proud that she was able to save the children even if it was at the loss of her own pride.

Jurgis is humbled by Marija and so ashamed of his own actions that he is afraid to go to Elzbieta. It is this situation that leads him into another political speech and the sudden inspiration of a new orator. It is inspiration that Jurgis badly needs at a time when he badly needs it. For this reason, it seems like a turn of wonderful fortune for both Jurgis and the reader.

Discussion Question 1

Who tells Jurgis where to find Marija? Where is she? What is she doing for a living? Why?

Discussion Question 2

What does Marija tell Jurgis happened to young Stanislovas? How does Jurgis feel about this news? Why?

Discussion Question 3

Why is Jurgis ashamed? How does this change his outlook in a way the strike in Packingtown did not? What does this say about Jurgis?


Prostitute, manhood, flicker, bottomless, torment, unawares, suffer, frostbitten, discovery, wonderful, dreadful, shame, decency, independence, competed, roundup, humanity, hideous, bowed, love, soul, orator, oppressive, intonations, presence, upheaving, trembling, vision, demon, demanding, pronouncing, resistance, prostrate, anguish, despair, demanding, poverty, cease, wrongs, oppose, bludgeon, uncultured.

This section contains 611 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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