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Zaneappears in Acknowledgements and A Personal Reflection from Zane

Zane is the author of "Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth". She speaks directly to the reader in "Acknowledgments" and "A Personal Reflection from Zane". Zane opens by dedicating "Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth" to the sexually uninhibited women in the world who are sick of being judged, and cautioning those who are sexually repressed to put the book down because they will not be able to handle the content. A disclaimer proclaims that she is not trying to promote promiscuity, but she is promoting "healthy, uninhibited satisfying sexual experiences for those women who are tired of disappointing sex" (page vii). In the Acknowledgments, Zane notes that she'd published her first erotic story in November 1997 with the intent for only a few people to read it, but at their encouragement, she published "Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth". After expressing surprise at the number of people who try to dictate what adults do and expressing gratitude to her family and readers for support, Zane cautions the reader as a warning before they turn the page that she has a vivid imagination. Zane begins "Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth" with a dedication to sexually inhibited women, demonstrating her approval of female sexuality while admitting the existence of oppression of female sexuality that results in many women's sexual inhibitions.

In "Acknowledgments", Zane explains her background in writing erotica and provides the responses she has received, as well noting as her intention to continue writing erotica. The first section of the collection is entitled "Wild", and the titles of the subsequent sections, "Wilder" and "Off Da Damn Hook" indicate that the stories will become progressively more sexual and socially unacceptable due to the sexual inhibitions dictated to women by society. In "A Personal Reflection from Zane", nothing could prepare Zane for the support and appreciation from her readers for which she is grateful. The time for the female sexual revolution has arrived. Women can vote, work, own businesses and be independent, so they are entitled to sexual freedom as well. "Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth" ends with "A Personal Reflection from Zane" in which the author expresses appreciation for her readers and proclaims her belief that it is time for a female sexual revolution to take place, freeing women from the sexual bonds that hold them down. She ends with the advice that "if we can free our bodies, then we can free our minds" (page 303).

Alpha Phi Fuckemappears in Alpha Phi Fuckem and Alpha Phi Fuckem- The Convention

Alpha Phi Fuckem is a sorority of women who are not found on any college campus, but they are as close as any sisterhood can get. They are a group of professional, well-educated women from all walks of life. Alpha Phi Fuckem was founded over twenty years ago in a penthouse in Georgetown, an upper-class area of Washington, D.C., overlooking the Potomac River. Although most of the founding members have moved on, they are still willing to share their wisdom. There are currently twenty-four active members of the sorority in the D.C. chapter, and there are seven chapters of Alpha Phi Fuckem nationally, in D.C., New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta and Miami.

It takes a certain type of woman to be eligible for membership in Alpha Phi Fuckem. First, she must be able to pass an initiation in which every aspect of her life is scrutinized. Secondly, she must be trustworthy and secretive. Thirdly, and most importantly, she must love sex beyond the normal spectrum of society's definition and have absolutely no sexual inhibitions. Alpha Phi Fuckem meets twice a month; the first meeting is a business meeting for their investment club, and the second meeting is referred to as Freak Night and features various sexual activities. Alpha Phi Fuckem has an annual convention under the ruse of an African-American female business organization. The sorority has many rules and regulations which members must follow, but it allows the sorors to explore their sexuality in unforeseen ways.

Geren Stevensonappears in Sock It To Me

Geren Stevenson is six feet tall and weighs around two hundred pounds of solid muscle. He is as dark as chocolate and bald. Geren is an accountant by day and a boxer by night. During the big snowstorm of 1992, he has sex with the narrator, who he marries the following spring.

Yardleyappears in Be My Valentine

Yardley is the narrator and a college student who works for Songs R Us Singing Telegram Agency. She goes on a Valentine's Day date with Clarence after delivering a singing telegram to him from his cheating ex-girlfriend, and she eventually moves in with him.

Normanappears in The Godfather

Norman is six feet, two inches tall and weighs around two hundred, ten pounds. He is the best man at Janelle and Tyler's wedding and the godfather to their children. When Janelle checks on him after a devastating break-up, he ends up having sex with her and feeling guilty about sleeping with his best friend's wife.

Tammyappears in The Barbershop

Tammy, the narrator, lusts after Keanu and tries in vain to get his attention. She finally succeeds when she appears after closing at the barbershop where he works, disrobes and asks him to shave her pubic hair. They have sex and are still dating nine months later.

SHEappears in Nervous

SHE is the narrator's sexually deviant alter-ego who first appears during the narrator's freshman year of college. SHE silently has wild sex with strange men and never sees them again because the narrator is too nervous to talk to men.

Amberappears in Wrong Number

Amber is the narrator who receives a phone call from Rob when he misdials. After flirting for several hours, she receives a phone call from Rob the next day while she is at a hair appointment, so she ends up meeting and having sex with Rob by a lake. Amber is five feet, nine inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. She is light-skinned and half Native American, with shoulder-length medium brown hair.

Evoni Priceappears in A Flash Fantasy

Evoni Price, the narrator, goes to Curtis Givens' photography studio to get her picture taken for work, but she decides to leave because she hates having her picture taken. Curtis convinces her to stay and masturbate for his camera. Evoni and Curtis are getting married next month.

Bridgetappears in A Time For Change

Bridget is the narrator who, unhappy with her and her husband's sex life, gives him an ultimatum. Luckily, her husband listens to her demands, and their sex life improves drastically.

Simoneappears in Lust in a Bus Depot

Simone is the narrator who has a crush on Wendell in high school. When she encounters him in a bus depot, they have sex in a bathroom and begin dating.

Miraappears in The Bachelorette Party

Mira, the narrator, goes to The Black Screw for her bachelorette party and has sex with Warren the night before her wedding.

Jocelynappears in Blind Date

Jocelyn, the narrator, decides to take the sexual prime theory to heart when she turns thirty. Her friend, Tamlyn, sets her up with Xander who she meets at a hotel on her lunch break, but he insists on her being blindfolded while he pleasures her. That evening, Jocelyn goes to Tamlyn's house where she learns that Xander is actually Tamlyn's little brother, Phillip. Jocelyn and Phillip are getting married next month.

Josephappears in Vacation of a Lifetime

Joseph is the photographer at the Bahamas Princess Country Club where the narrator stays during her vacation. He has a fine face, a chiseled body and deep chocolate skin. By having sex with the narrator, he helps her discover things about herself sexually that she never knew.

Raynappears in Mailman

Rayn is the narrator, and she has sex with PJ, her mailman, on top of an antique mirror in her guest room.

Netanyaappears in The Cat Burglar

Netanya, the narrator, robs Prescott but is infatuated with his picture. She arranges an accidental meeting, has sex with him and loves him so much that she quits robbing people.

Detective Jessica Minorappears in Stakeout

Detective Jessica Minor, the narrator, is attracted to Detective Dwayne Stewart. They sleep together during a stakeout, and Jessica finds the mixture of police work and sex to be a huge aphrodisiac.

Noelleappears in Masquerade

Noelle, the narrator, loses her boyfriend, Pierce, because he claims that she is not freaky enough sexually. She decides to prove him wrong by going to Trent's masquerade party and having sex with Trent in front of everyone. Noelle refuses to reunite with Pierce, moving in with Trent instead.

Pageappears in Nymph

Page, the narrator, describes herself as a nymphomaniac who intimidates men with her sexual prowess.

Juliusappears in Sex Me Down Village

Julius is the activities director at Sex Me Down Village. According to the narrator, he is tall, dark and handsome. He is a native of the Caribbean and has a deep bronze complexion, medium brown eyes and a sexy smile. Julius invites the narrator to accompany him on an expedition in a glass-bottomed boat, where they have sex in front of everyone. He acts as the narrator's partner in nearly every ballroom competition that night.

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