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Glenn Beck
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The Overton Window is a thriller by television personality Glenn Beck. In this novel, Noah Gardner is pulled into the drama of a patriot group by a beautiful woman. Noah’s father would like to convince the apathetic young man that his new found lover is a troublemaker who has only used him as a means to an end. Noah, however, sees through his father’s spin on the situation and decides to continue fighting with his new love despite all the evidence to the contrary. The Overton Window is an interesting view into the mind of hard core patriots, the god-like mentality of the public relations world, and the fear that commands them all.

Noah Gardner is an apathetic young man who has simply gone with the flow all his life. Noah never really chose his path in life. It was handed to him by his ultra-powerful, wealthy father. However, the day Noah sees Molly Ross in the break room at his office, his whole world shifts on its axis. Noah goes to meet Molly at a political meeting simply with the hope of getting to know her better. However, Noah quickly finds himself in the middle of a battle that goes much deeper than he ever could have imagined.

Molly appears happy to see Noah at the meeting, but they quickly get into a conflict when Noah misjudges how seriously Molly takes her political beliefs. A short time later, someone pulls a gun and Noah finds himself being beaten by a cop after saving one of Molly’s friends from getting a baton on his head. When Noah arrives at the police station, he is called in to be questioned. Noah’s lawyer quickly shows up and tells him he has pulled in multiple favors to get the charges dropped. However, Noah throws a wrench in the process when he realizes that the man who pulled the gun at the venue is one of the cops. This leads to the lawyer managing to have all the people arrested with Noah released.

Noah gives Molly and her mother a ride home. Molly and Noah talk for a while and begin to build a bond. For this reason, Noah agrees to allow Molly to spend the rest of the night at his apartment. The following day, Noah wakes to discover Molly has come and gone out of the apartment. They go for a walk and Molly asks Noah to break into his father’s PR office and get information on a meeting Noah’s father had with many well placed government officials the day before. Noah reluctantly agrees. In the process of finding this information, Noah and Molly realize that Noah’s father is trying to help the government begin some sort of conflict in order to get laws passed that will infringe on yet more of the American citizen’s rights.

Molly takes Noah back to her apartment where she introduces him to many of her friends and co-patriots before drugging him and leaving him behind. When Noah wakes, he is taken to his father’s office where he learns that Molly set him up and has been using him all along. Angry, Noah goes in search for Molly only to discover that her mother has been poisoned, most likely by someone in the employ of Noah’s father. For this reason, Noah helps Molly leave New York by sneaking her through security at the airport. Together, Noah and Molly fly to Las Vegas where Molly has learned a former lover and friend has been working with an undercover FBI agent. As Molly and Noah approach the area where Molly’s friend is, they are chased by the police. Noah jumps out of the car to give Molly time to escape. As Noah waits for the cops, a nuclear weapon discharges in the distance.

Noah is tortured and interrogated by men he soon learns work for his father. Noah’s father threatens to kill him if he does not agree to work with him. Noah agrees, but he secretly continues to help Molly and her patriots.

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This section contains 691 words
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