The Kite Runner - Chapter 24 Summary & Analysis

Khaled Hosseini
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They arrive in Islamabad and get a hotel room. Farid leaves them, saying he needs to return to his family. Amir spends the night wondering when his physical injuries will be healed and wondering what he’ll do with Sohrab, though he admits that he already knows he’ll take him to America. Amir sleeps and when he wakes Sohrab is gone. He recalls that Sohrab had been enthralled with a mosque a short distance away and finds him there. Sohrab is struggling with the fact that he injured Assef. He says Hassan taught him that it’s always wrong to hurt someone because even a bad person can change. Amir says that Hassan had saved Amir when they were children and Assef threatened to harm Amir. He says Assef later hurt Hassan. Sohrab asks if Hassan would be disappointed in Sohrab for hurting Assef. Amir assures him Hassan would be proud of Sohrab for saving Amir’s life.

They talk about San Francisco and Sohrab begins to seem excited about the prospect of moving to America. One night Sohrab asks what will happen to him in America if Amir becomes tired of him or Soraya doesn’t like him. Amir promises neither of those things will happen.

Amir calls Soraya who has been frantic with worry. He relates the story of Sohrab and says he wants to adopt the boy. Soraya hesitates only a moment before saying Amir should bring Sohrab home with him. Amir goes to the American Embassy where he meets a man named Raymond Andrews. Raymond explains that the biggest hurdle is to prove that Sohrab’s parents are truly dead. Without death certificates or some proof that Amir is now Sohrab’s legal guardian, the adoption won’t be approved. He says Sohrab will not likely be allowed to leave the country.

Amir calls Soraya with the news. She has been working with a friend who promises to help through INS channels. Meanwhile, Amir reaches out to a local attorney who says the best option is to leave Amir in an orphanage in the country while the details are worked out. The attorney says the options include seeking political asylum for Sohrab but it would require proving that Sohrab is being persecuted. Amir could also live in Pakistan for two years while the local adoption is approved. The attorney says the best option is for Sohrab to remain in a Pakistan orphanage while Amir returns home to begin the adoption process from there.

Amir begins to talk with Sohrab, telling him that the best option for the adoption to take place seems to be that Sohrab will remain in Pakistan in an orphanage for a short time. Sohrab begins to cry, pleading with Amir not to leave him in another orphanage. Sohrab has developed a habit of taking a long bath each night and Soraya calls while he’s in the tub. She says their friend has a plan, getting Sohrab into the country on a visitation visa and making the adoption official while he’s there. After the call, Amir goes to the bathroom to tell Sohrab the good news. Sohrab has slashed his wrists with a razor blade and the Amir is “still screaming when the ambulance arrives.”


Rahim Khan’s actions are somewhat devious, but he seems to have done it all with the best interests of Amir and Sohrab in mind. He is bound to know that he’s putting Amir in terrible danger by sending him back to his home country, but he also is one of the few people who knows how much Amir has suffered for his failure to stand up for Hassan all those years ago.

It’s obvious Sohrab is struggling with the acts he was forced to perform while in Assef’s captivity. He refers to himself as “dirty,” and Amir assures him he isn’t. Sohrab cries, and Amir decides the moment is right to ask if Sohrab wants to go with him to America. Amir also tells Sohrab about their biological kinship. Sohrab asks if Hassan’s father had loved Hassan as much as he loved Amir. Amir says his father loved them “differently.” Sohrab asks if Baba had not claimed Hassan because he was ashamed of Hassan. Amir says Baba didn’t claim Hassan as his son because he was ashamed of himself. Sohrab and Amir begin bonding, but it’s obvious by Sohrab’s attempted suicide that he still doesn’t fully trust that Amir will take care of him. The reader has to remember that Sohrab saw his parents murdered and has been abused brutally since their deaths.

Discussion Question 1

Why does Sohrab react so violently to the news that he may not be going to America immediately?

Discussion Question 2

What are the roadblocks Amir encounters with his efforts to take Sohrab to Amierca?

Discussion Question 3

What are the ultimate motives of Rahim Khan's decision to send Amir back into his own country?


Curtly, mosque, obligatory, reckless, cackling, wincing, ascertain, furrowed, heritage, milieu.

This section contains 851 words
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