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Khaled Hosseini
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Chapter 14

This chapter begins in June of 2001. Amir has a phone call from Rahim Khan who is in Pakistan. Rahim says that he is very ill. Amir plans to leave for Pakistan immediately. Amir says that Rahim Khan had said during their phone call that “there is a way to be good again.” Amir knows this means Rahim has always knows about Hassan’s attack, Amir’s lack of action, and Amir’s lies that forced Hassan out of his home. Time has changed many things in their lives. The General is no longer critical of Soraya’s chosen profession and sometimes sits in on her classes.

Chapter 15

Amir arrives and is surprised at Rahim Khan’s gaunt appearance. Rahim says in keeping with an agreement with Baba, he’d moved into their house once Amir and Baba left Afghanistan. Rahim says he couldn’t bring himself to leave his home even when things were bad. He then says he has a story he needs to tell Amir.

Chapter 16

Rahim Kahn says he was traveling one day when he encountered Hassan. Hassan was married by then. At first, he and his wife were reluctant to leave the home they had created for themselves. However, Rahim convinced them, and they moved in with him. They took care of the house and Rahim. Hassan’s wife, Farzana, gave birth to a stillborn daughter. She was pregnant again when a strange woman appeared. She was near death, and they began to nurse her back to health before discovering she was Hassan’s mother, Sanaubar. She was there when Farzana gave birth to a son they named Sohrab. When Sohrab was four, Sanaubar died.

Chapter 17

Rahim Khan continues the story but first he gives Amir a faded photo of Hassan as an adult with a little boy, Sohrab. There is also a letter from Hassan. He explains that Rahim Khan is ill and that the situation in his country is degrading quickly. He reminisces, updates Amir on his life, and says that if Amir ever returns to his home in Afghanistan, he’ll find Hassan waiting faithfully. Rahim Khan says the letter was written six months earlier. He says one day a group of Taliban soldiers arrived at the house and demanded Hassan and his family leave. Hassan protested and the soldiers executed him in the street. When Farzana ran toward her dead husband, the soldiers killed her as well. Rahim Khan says the Taliban soldiers now live in the house and that Sohrab has been taken an orphanage. Rahim says a local couple will take Sohrab in if Amir can get him into Pakistan. Amir offers to pay for someone else to go but Rahim Khan explodes, telling Amir that it’s time for him to stand up as a man and do what’s right.

He then goes on to tell the rest of his story. He says Ali was married to another woman before Sanaubar. They had no children but when she left Ali she had three daughters. Rahim Khan says Ali was not able to father children. Amir initially argues but then gives in and asks for the identity of Hassan’s father. Rahim Khan says Amir knows if he will just think on the matter. Amir doesn’t want to accept it, but he realizes Baba is also Hassan’s father and that he and Hassan are half-brothers, making Sohrab his nephew.


The letter Hassan writes Amir is a testament of Hassan’s determination which seems in contrast to his earlier acceptance that he would spend his life in a mud hut as a servant. Perhaps because Amir introduced Hassan to the written word by reading to him, Hassan spends the time and effort to learn to read. Not only that, he teaches Sohrab to read and write as well.

The revelation that Amir and Hassan are half-brothers isn’t a surprise to the reader of this study guide but probably is a surprise to the reader of the book. There are some hints to this effect. Baba never misses Hassan’s birthday. When he buys a specific kite for Amir, he buys the same kite for Hassan. When he believes Hassan stole from Amir, he immediately offered up forgiveness though it went against everything Amir expected. In addition, there are some hints that Amir senses the likeness between his father and Hassan when Hassan is a youngster, though he doesn’t quite grasp it. Amir says that he sees something in Hassan’s face but that it disappears before he can figure out what it is.

Discussion Question 1

How does Amir learn that he and Hassan are half-brothers? What is Amir's reaction?

Discussion Question 2

How does Hassan die?

Discussion Question 3

What does Rahim Khan say about Amir's hesitation to rescue Sohrab?


Protracted, soliloquies, incessant, averting, spewing, mode, lavish, garrulous, intricately, pragmatic.

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