The Kite Runner - Chapters 10 - 11 Summary & Analysis

Khaled Hosseini
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Chapter 10

This chapter takes place in March of 1981. Amir and Baba are in the back of a truck with several other people fleeing Afghanistan. They left the house behind with almost all their possessions, telling only Rahim that they were fleeing for America. They are stopped at a checkpoint and a soldier demands time along with a young mother in the truck as “payment” for passage. Baba intercedes though Amir knows he’s putting them all in danger by standing up for the young woman. A superior officer intervenes and the situation passes. The trip takes weeks with days hidden in basements along the way. Amir encounters Kamal, one of Assef’s friends who had held Hassan during the attack. Amir overhears Kamal’s father saying that Kamal had been raped. He now reacts and responds to nothing. They make part of their journey in a tanker, and Kamal dies on the way. When his father realizes that Kamal is dead, he grabs a gun and kills himself as well.

Chapter 11 takes place in Freemont, California, in the 1980s. Baba is working at a gas station. He is having trouble identifying with American customs and rules. Amir is studying. One day Amir suggests that they return to Peshawar because it was more like Afghanistan and Baba was happier during their time there. Baba says he came to America for Amir and they are staying. The day Amir graduates high school – at the age of 20 – Baba gives him a navy blue Grand Torino. Amir announces his plan to study creative writing. Baba isn’t happy with the choice, wishing for a stable career instead.

In 1983, Baba sells his old car and buys a beat up Volkswagen bus. They begin hitting yard sales whenever there was extra time and selling the items at a regular Saturday flea market for a modest profit. There are lots of Afghanistan refugees at the flea market and Baba loves to roam the stalls, visiting and sharing gossip. Many of the other sellers are former professionals, ranging from teachers to surgeons. One day Baba introduces Amir to “General Sahib, Mr. Iqbal Taheri,” a former member of the Ministry of Defense. Baba brags that Amir is “going to be a great writer” and that he’s a straight A-student. He soon meets the General’s wife and their daughter, Soraya.

Later, Amir asks Baba about Soraya. He says there is gossip that she was involved with a young man and that the situation ended badly, but that she’s “hardworking and kind.” Baba points out that life may be unfair toward women, but that her indiscretion means there are no now suitors looking for her hand in marriage.


The statement that Baba “loved the idea of America.” Like many people in bad situations, Baba has come to believe that living in America will be wonderful and that all his troubles will be ended. The reality is seldom as wonderful as the idea and this is true in Baba’s case as well. Amir says Baba loved the idea but the reality “gave him an ulcer.” One of the incidents Amir describes happens when Baba arrives at a small market where he shops regularly. On this particular day he doesn’t have cash for his small purchase and when he writes a check the owner wants to see his identification. This infuriates Baba and the owners threaten to call the police after he throws a fit.

Discussion Question 1

How do Amir and Baba escape to America?

Discussion Question 2

Describe the scene at the checkpoint during which Baba stands up for a young woman. Why is Amir angry at his father over the situation?

Discussion Question 3

How does Amir meet Soraya? What is her history?


Mutually, negate, encapsulated, morsel, barren, staccatos, acrid, pungent, sauntered, divert.

This section contains 644 words
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