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The Province of Eboe

Eboe is a small province in Africa where Equiano is born. Equiano describes the primitive culture of Eboe in great detail, and describes his life there as simple but happy before he is stolen away for slavery along with his sister at age eleven.

Royal George

Equiano's master Pascal is assigned to a large military ship called the Royal George, and it is aboard this ship that Equiano participates in the siege on the French stronghold of Louisbourgh.


Equiano is sold to Robert King, a slave owner and trader based out of the island of Montserrat in the West Indies. Equiano spends years in the service of King, trading back and forth between Montserrat and various points in the Caribbean and the New World.


One of the happiest events in Equiano's life is when he gets a manumission signed by his master Robert King. A manumission is a document which emancipates a slave. After obtaining the signed manumission, Equiano is a free man.


Robert King makes a promise to take Equiano to Philadelphia, a promise which sticks in Equiano's mind and has him brimming with anticipation once he finally arrives in the city. Equiano is impressed with the city, especially its Quakers, whom he conducts much business with and finds to be very honest people.

London, England

Equiano makes many stops in London during his time under Pascal, and makes friends there, including Miss Guerins. During his long stints in the Caribbean, Equiano desires to return to London, and he never quite feels comfortable among the "heathens" in the New World. Equiano becomes apprentice to a hairdresser in London, and he spends his final years in the city.


Nancy is an impressive trading sloop ship that Captain Thomas Farmer, and later Captain Phillips, pilots and Equiano crews on. Several significant events happen on the Nancy, including the death of Farmer and a wreck on rocks at the hands of incompetent Captain Phillips.

North-East Passage to India

Equiano joins an expedition in the Arctic to find the "north-east passage to India." The ship's crew gets farther north than any Europeans have up to that point, but accumulating ice makes further progress impossible, and the ice nearly destroys the ship before the weather shifts and the ship is able to find open water. After this expedition, Equiano is especially aware of his mortality and is concerned about his eternal soul.

The Conversion of an Indian

Equiano is given a book called "The Conversion of an Indian" by a simple fisherman. The book is an important text for Equiano in his religious journey and eventual adherence to Christianity.

Expedition to Sierra Leone

Equiano is appointed by the government as a commissary to oversee budgeting and provisions for an expedition designed to return freed slaves to Africa via Sierra Leone. Equiano witnesses gross profiteering by the white men involved in the project, to the point where only very meager provisions are provided for the freed slaves while the rest of the government money is pocketed. Equiano complains and is replaced as commissary. Many freed slaves die on the journey or shortly thereafter as a result of lack of necessities like food and blankets.

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