The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings - Chapter 12 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 12 Summary and Analysis

Back in England, Equiano is urged to become ordained by the Bishop in order to conduct missionary work in Africa, but the Bishop denies his written request. Equiano next spends some unremarkable years in England, touring Wales and serving a Dorsetshire nobleman, "but the operations there were too minute and uninteresting to make a detail of," (p. 223). In the Spring of 1784, Equiano takes to sea again, traveling to New York, a city he greatly admires. Next he goes to Philadelphia, and rejoices at the fact that an all-black school has been set up there by the Quakers.

Back in London, the government spearheads an expedition to Sierra Leone, in order to return former slaves back to their homeland. Equiano is appointed a "commissary" for the government, a position charged with ensuring adequate provisions are provided and the government's budget is followed. However, prior to and during the trip to Sierra Leone, Equiano sees gross corruption and deceit on the part of the white leaders of the expedition, who pocket money intended for provisions and commit other abuses. When Equiano files a complaint with the government to expose this abuse, he is dismissed from his post. Many former slaves die soon after reaching Sierra Leone from lack of basic necessities. Equiano blames the individuals involved and not the government, whom he believes had good intentions with the voyage.

Equiano segues into a lengthy argument about why it makes sense to abolish slavery, not only to stop the human rights abuses and behave more like Christians, but because it makes economic sense to England to allow Africa's population to grow and prosper, such that there might be more people in need of British goods and services.

Equiano reports finally that, since the first edition of his Interesting Narrative was published, he has traveled around the United Kingdom an married a white woman. He hopes his narrative has been valuable and interesting to the reader.

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