The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings - Chapter 3 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

After about two weeks Equiano is put on another ship for Virginia. He and his fellow slaves are treated much better on this journey than the last. He is put on a plantation where he does lonely work by himself and no one knows his language. One day he is sent in to fan the unwell plantation master, and marvels at various novelties like a ticking clock and a portrait painting. One day, a lieutenant of the royal navy, Michael Henry Pascal, visits the plantation and takes a liking to Equiano, purchasing him. Equiano is put on a ship for England, and Pascal renames him Gustavus Vasa, after a well-known freedom fighter. At this point Equiano begins to speak a little English. Though the whites treat him well, Equiano still fears he will be eaten or suffer some other horrible fate. On board he meets a teenager named Richard Baker, and they become fast friends.

After thirteen weeks the boat arrives in Falmouth, England. Equiano is amazed at such things as snow and church service. Along with his new master, Richard Baker remains Equiano's constant companion and interpreter, explaining the ways of the world.

As their master Pascal is in the royal navy, for the next months Equiano and Richard Baker go to various points around the North Atlantic Ocean, carrying supplies and what not, but never seeing military warfare. Equiano is compelled to fight other boys on these voyages as the men bet on who will win. Eventually Equiano and Richard Baker get a chance to get on shore, and their master summons them back to London. There, Equiano gets very sick (the result of many months on the freezing seas), and at one point a doctor expresses the need to amputate his left leg, fearing gangrene. However, Equiano refuses, and by degrees he gets better. Pascal is promoted and is appointed to a huge ship called the Royal George. At this point he is separated from Richard Baker and they share a teary good bye.

After a few weeks Pascal is assigned to join a large expedition to attack the port of Louisbourgh in French Canada. After some weeks they arrive, and the fleet fights off an entrenched French battery at Louisbourgh. After days of fighting and casualties and lost ships on both sides, the English take Louisbourgh. Equiano experiences a great deal of freedom and is able to go on shore at his leisure. The fleet gathers and sails back for England. On the way, they meet a French fleet they mistake for English, and a French ship damages them with a broadside attack in the confusion. The English pursue the French for days, chasing them off eventually and capturing a small ship in the process. Eventually the fleet sails to England and arrives in Portsmouth. Pascal and Equiano go to London to press-gang more men into service to make up for those lost in the battle.

This section contains 498 words
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