The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-events in America Quotes

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"The hero was born of time: his gestation required at least a generation."
p. 62

"The airline stewardess, a breed first developed in the United States and now found on all major international airlines, is a new subspecies of womankind. She is the Madonna of the Airways, a pretty symbol of the new homogenized blandness of the tourist's world."
p. 95

"The tourist looks for caricature; travel agents at home and national tourist bureaus abroad are quick to oblige."
p. 106

"Whether we see models of greatness, or experience elsewhere on the earth, we look into a mirror instead of outside a window, and we see only ourselves."
p. 117

"We have lost our grip on reality when we have let ourselves believe (as we are eager to be reassured by movie-makers and their press agents) that the movie can ever give us the nub of the matter."
p. 148

"The high cost of making new stars led a producer who had a star with proven box-office appeal to exploit him in every conceivable way before his appeal wore out."
p. 157

"The life in America which I have described is a spectator sport in which we ourselves make the props and are the sole performers."
p. 183

"The everyday images which flood our experience have this advantage over the tricks of magic: even after we have been taken behind the scenes, we can still enjoy the pleasures of deception."
p. 194

"The trade-mark is a kind of shorthand symbol for a corporation. It is a memory trigger."
p. 195

"This can be summed up as the shift in common experience from an emphasis on "truth" to an emphasis on "credibility"."
p. 212

"A deft administrator these days must have similar skills. He must master "the technique of denying the truth without actually lying"."
p. 234

"Our images suggest arrogance: in them we set ourselves up as a mold for the world."
p. 244

"When we talk of prestige abroad we are talking not of ourselves, but of the shadows of ourselves which we can somehow project."
p. 247

"This is the age of contrivance. The artificial has become so commonplace that the natural begins to seem contrived."
p. 253

"We might say now that chewing gum is the television of the mouth. There is no danger so long as we do not think that by chewing gum we are getting nourishment."
p. 258

This section contains 391 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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