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"Tears, positively shone in his eyes towards the end, yet it was nothing but sentences without beginning or end, unexpected words and unexpected ideas, bursting out rapidly and unexpectedly and stumbling over one another."

"'An unchristian religion in the first place!' Myskin began in extreme agitation and with excessive abruptness. 'And in the second place Roman Catholicism is even worse than atheism itself in my opinion... Atheism only preaches a negation but Catholicism goes further; it preaches a distorted Christ.'"

"Myshkin was so absent-minded that at first he heard nothing at all, and when the General stopped before him with some excited question, to his shame he was forced to confess that he had understood a word."

"Natasya Filipovna instantly turned to him. Her eye flashed. She rushed up to a young man, a complete stranger, who was standing a couple of paces from her, snatched a thin plaited riding whip out of his hand, and struck the offender with all her might across the face."

"We are constantly hearing complaints that there are no practical people in Russia; that there are plenty of politicians, plenty of generals, that any number of business men of all sorts can be found at a moments notice, but there are no practical men."
P. 302

"'A-ah! Here's the way out! At last! It's half past eleven!' cried Natasya Filipovna. 'I beg you to be seated, friends. Here is the way out!' Saying this, she sat down. A strange laugh quivered on her lips. She sat in silent and feverish expectation, looking towards the door."
P. 144

"One of them was a short man about 27, with almost black curly hair and small, grey, fiery eyes. He had a broad and flat nose and high cheek bones. His thin lips were continually curved in an insolent, mocking and even malicious smile."

"The owner of the cloak was a young man, also 26 or 27, above the average in height, with very thick hair, with sunken cheeks and a thin, pointed almost white beard. His eyes were large, blue and dreamy; there was something gentle, though heavy looking in their expression."

"Myskin was sitting beside him motionless on the floor, and every time the delirious man broke into screaming or babble, he hastened to pass his trembling hand softly over his hair and cheeks as though soothing him. But by now he could understand no questions he was asked and did not recognize the people surrounding him."
P. 574

"'Don't be afraid! Though I've taken your cross, I won't murder you for your watch!' he muttered and indistinctly, with a sudden strange laugh."

"'The Poor Knight is the same Don Quixote, only serious and not comic. I didn't understand him at first, and laughed, but how I love the 'the Poor Knight' and what's more, respect his exploits.'"

"I saw your portrait this morning and I felt as though I recognized a face that I knew. I felt you had called to me already... I shall respect you all my life. Natasya Filippovna."

This section contains 519 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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