The House of God Topics for Discussion

Samuel Shem
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How does each intern come to face the issue of death? Does Hyper Hooper face death any healthier than Potts or Roy?

During which situations does Roy come of age in the world of medicine? Talk about each rotation and what they do to help him come of age.

Why does Roy want to become a psychiatrist? Who does he meet that influences him in that direction?

Talk about the rift between the higher ups and the interns at the House of God. Why don't they get along? What do the interns do to cope with the rift between themselves and the higher ups?

Why is the hospital only named "The House of God"? What would happen if it actually had a name?

What helps Roy and Berry stay together during the internship? What does Roy do to destroy the relationship, and why does he do that?

What is the role of the Fat Man, and why do the interns come to love him? What does the Fat Man do to help the interns?

Why does Roy dislike Jo? Compare and contrast Jo and the Fat Man.

How does Pinkus save Roy? Does Pinkus have a healthier outlook on death? Why or why not?

Compare Roy's reaction to Dr. Sander's death to his reaction to Saul's death. Does he handle one better than the other? Which death was more "right" and which one, if either, was "wrong"?

Is Roy any more competent at the end than he is at the beginning, or is it just his attitude that changes? If he becomes more competent, how does he get that way?

Compare Roy's reaction to working in the MICU to his working on the wards. What is different about the MICU that makes Roy's reaction different than being on the wards.

Compare Hyper Hooper's response to death to Potts. What makes Hyper Hooper respond the way he does around death? What makes Potts respond differently to death?

This section contains 332 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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