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Samuel Shem
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"Life's like a penis; When it's soft you can't beat it; when it's hard you get screwed." —The Fat Man Chapter 2, Page 11.

"Sure he can. Listen, Basch, there are a number of LAWS OF THE HOUSE OF GOD. LAW NUMBER ONE: GOMERS DON'T DIE." —The Fat Man Chapter 3, Page 34.

"Money," I said, "there's a lot of money in shit."—Roy Chapter 3, Page 35.

"LAW NUMBER TWO: GOMERS GO TO GROUND."—The Fat Man Chapter 3, Page 36.

"All right all right so you panicked and you feel like shit. I know. It's awful and it's not the last time neither. Just don't forget what you saw. LAW NUMBER THREE: AT A CARDIAC ARREST, THE FIRST PROCEDURE IS TO TAKE YOUR OWN PULSE." —The Fat Man Chapter 3 Page 40.

"Enough of that," said the Fat Man. "Potts, you listen to me. There's a LAW you gota learn. LAW NUMBER FOUR: THE PATIENT IS THE ONE WITH THE DISEASE."—The Fat Man Chapter 4, Page 60.

She couldn't have known that all I wanted then was to be taken care of. Things had moved fast. Two days, and already, like swimming in a strong current, I'd looked up and found my life an eternity farther downstream, the near bank far gone. —Roy Chapter 4, Page 64.

"Nope. That's BMS textbook. Forget textbook. I am your textbook. Nothing you learned at the BMS will help you tonight. Listen—key concept—LAW NUMBER FIVE: PLACEMENT COMES FIRST."—the Fat Man Chapter 5, Page 71.

" know what to do, you do good, and you save hem. That part of it's exciting. Wait'll you feel the thrill of sticking a needle blindly into a chest to make a diagnosis, to save someone young. I'm telling you, it's fantastic. Let's go."—the Fat Man Chapter 5, Page 76.

I had an urge to shove Levy into the Leggo so that both would tumble into bed with the gomer who was being saved at all costs, and I fantasized that "Leggo" was somehow cryptographic for "Let my gomers go," and I pictured the Leggo leading the gomers out of the peaceful land of death into the bondage of prolonged, pitiful suffering life, legging it through the Sinai wolfing down the unleavened bread and singing "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer troooo." Chapter 5, Page 81.

The Fat Man pointed out a valuable House Law, NUMBER EIGHT: THEY CAN ALWAYS HURT YOU MORE. Chapter 5, Page 82.

While it cheered me to think that the Runt was not dying, except at the rate we were all dying, I thought of Potts and what a terrible time he was having. The Yellow Man was still in coma, neither alive nor dead. —Roy Chapter 16, Page 263

"The postmortem is the flower—no, the red rose—of medicine." —Hyper Hooper Chapter 14, Page 231

From the window I saw the splattered mess on the parking lot below, and in between my panting for breath and shivering in the chill draft I heard the first siren squeal, and I leaned my forehead on the sill, and I sobbed.—Chapter 17, Page 281.

And all I could do then, tears streaming down my cheeks, realizing that these gomers had won, that they had outlasted me and would survive in Gomer City after I'd gone in two weeks and left all of them to try to break my replacement, Howie, and all I could do, then, was lie in the shit on the floor and laugh. Chaper 17. Page 286.

"My hobbies are running and fishing," said Pinkus. "Running for fitness and fishing for calm." Chapter 18, Page 295

"This internship—this whole training—it destroys people." —Roy Chapter 22. Page 328.

To repair, to re-create the human took some time. And it wasn't for many months—no, years—that I was free from a recurrent nightmare: strapped down upon an icy metal slab, writhing back and forth to break free, running and running away, in a marathon race, from death. Chapter 22, Page 329.

Somehow he'd pulled things back up around him and could go on, impenetrable, cold, he tough litle pisher he'd always been before. I felt sorry for him; I was going free; he was in a cage. As had happened so often before in my life, the tiger had turned out to be a paper tiger, a dream tiger; worn, bored, timid, envious, sad. Chapter 26, Page 375.

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