The House of God Setting & Symbolism

Samuel Shem
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The House of God

House of God is the name of the grand old hospital, founded in 1913 that Roy Basch and his colleagues come to be residents of. It has no real other name in the book other than the House of God. It is built upon traditional medical hierarchy and solid medical rules. It appears to be a Jewish Hospital.


BMS is a term used to describe the "Best Medical School" or a student of the school, often referred to as a BMS, as well.


MBH is the term used to describe "Man's Best Hospital"—the rival hospital of the House of God.

Ward 6 South

Ward 6 is the ward where Roy first begins his rotation as an intern in the House of God.

Dr. Jung's Anal Mirror

The Anal Mirror is the Fat Man's supposed invention—a mirror system that allows patients to see their own anuses.

The Electric Gomer Bed

The Electric Gomer Bed is the name given to the hospital bed that can be raised up to "orthopedic height" so the patient gets a hip fracture or to "neurosurgery height", where the patient falls and gets an intracranial bleed, needing neurosurgery. It can also be manipulated to give patients any blood pressure desired using the Trendelenberg position.


The House of God's term for the emergency room or emergency ward is EW.


MICU is the medical intensive care unit where Roy spends a fair amount of his time after working in the EW. These are where the sickest patients are.


Ollie is the machine that spits out abnormal EKGs whenever a patient has an arrhythmia. Ollie is in the MICU.

The Wing of Zock

This is the wing of the hospital being built throughout his internship which was being paid for by the Zock family.

This section contains 306 words
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