The House of God - Chapter 26 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 26 Summary

The Leggo makes some concessions so it looks as though all but two or three interns will stay on in medicine. The Runt and Roy were leaving and Chuck hadn't decided. Eat My Dust Eddie is allowed to become a full second-year resident. It was the last week of internship, and Roy says goodbye to all his clinic patients. His father is upset but eventually settles down about Roy's decision to take the year off.

Roy keeps Olive O. alive for the next new batch of interns. Finally it is the last day and Roy seeks out the Fat Man. Roy realizes that Fats comes up with inventions in part to help his interns cope. He talks with Fats and thanks him for everything he did for them.

Roy sees Chuck, who says he's going back to Memphis and be a "regular old black doc". He says goodbye to the Leggo and tells him he's going into psychiatry after taking a year off. He finds out the policemen are leaving, too. Roy realizes that the Leggo is in pain around his interns not liking him. He is later given a police escort to the airport where he leaves for France with Berry. He says goodbye to Gilheeny and Quick. He goes to France and begins finally to relax.

Chapter 26 Analysis

The book is winding down now, and Roy says his goodbyes to everyone who means something to him at the House of God. He comes to some conclusions about the Fats and about the Leggo that he hadn't thought of before. He's arrived at a crucial life decision and is happy to leave the hospital. Berry has stuck by him throughout, and their relationship is as strong as ever. He finally gets the relaxation he's been hoping for while going on a prolonged vacation with Berry. We find out what everyone is doing the next year.

This section contains 321 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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