The House of God - Chapter 25 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 25 Summary

By the next day, nearly all of the interns decide to go into psychiatry. This enrages the Leggo. The Zock family member, Nate, says he's never been treated so well under Roy and wants to set him up in private practice. Olive O. still hasn't had her humps fixed because Roy is refusing to do anything about them. The Leggo gives out the Black Crow Award to Hooper who was so strongly vying for it. A couple of other interns are angry that Hooper got the award as the Runt and Eat My Dust Eddy were vying for it, too.

The reader finds out that Duber, the resident that dropped a fake grenade into a room in the EW went into psychiatry. Each intern explains to the Leggo his reason for wanting to go into psychiatry.

The Runt yells at the Leggo and the Pearl that they killed Potts by giving him such a hassle around the patient he failed to aggressively treat. They tell the higher ups that they had no one to look up to.

Chapter 25 Analysis

All of the interns are seeking their revenge now for all they have suffered through this year. They tell the higher ups that they've had no one to look up to except the Fats, and they blame he higher ups for the death of Potts. Death is still in the theme as they now give out the Black Crow award to the intern who got the most postmortem examinations. Roy is comfortably dealing with his internship now that it is nearly over with.

This section contains 267 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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