The House of God - Chapter 24 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 24 Summary

The Fat Man runs a crowded colloquium on how to choose a specialty. He tells them there are patient care specialties and non-patient care specialties. They talk about he advantages and disadvantages of each type of specialty. They construct a table of all of the non-patient care specialties, including the advantages and disadvantages. Roy attends the colloquium and decides completely on going with psychiatry.

Roy goes on a canoe trip with several other interns and Berry. She says the internship was inhuman and now they are stuck with being in medicine and she suggests they talk to the House psychiatrist. After the canoe trip, he takes care of one of the Zock family and is rude to the family. He is still dealing with Olive O. and spews out another House Law: If the radiology resident and the BMS both see a lesion on the chest X-Ray, there can be no lesion there.

Chapter 24 Analysis

The interns are completely disillusioned by medicine and all are deciding to get out and go into psychiatry. Roy is motoring along in 6 South and is not above being rude to the Zock family. He's beginning to see his way out now and nothing can stop him. At the colloquium, all of the interns seem unable to deal with the idea of going into patient care and they are fully focused on anything that doesn't include actual patient contact. He's now making up his own laws of the House of God.

This section contains 251 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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