The House of God - Chapter 23 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 23 Summary

Roy finishes his rotation where he started, on ward 4-South under a resident named Leon. Leon keeps a low profile so they hardly ever see him. It's May 1, and they begin talking about where they are going to next. The higher ups expect the interns to stay around for another year but several want to go into psychiatry, including Roy.

He takes care of a patient named Olive O. who had been turfed into the House by her family because of an MI. Olive has strange humps that no one can figure out. The humps are disgusting to Roy and his BMS.

Roy goes out to the suburbs and discovers that the Fat Man has a lucrative practice in his home. He apologizes to the Fats for making things so difficult for him in the last rotation they had together. Fats is okay with it and tells Roy that only his special extract is curing the diarrhea from the VA so he's making a lot of money. The Fats is going to a Fellowship in GI in LA. Things are now okay with Roy and Fats.

Roy spends some time with Berry and suggests taking a vacation to France and taking the year off the following year. She suggests he go into psychiatry. That way he can "be with" his patients and not be as distant from them as he is now.

Chapter 23 Analysis

Roy is making amends with the Fats and is deciding what he's going to do next. He has been so traumatized by being on the medicine internship that he doesn't think he can do that again so he thinks instead about taking a year off or becoming a psychiatrist. He continues to heal by making amends and by realizing that he can get out of this. The end is near and he knows it, giving him a sense of relief. He's not as overcome by death anymore and has come of age, feeling completely competent in what he's doing.

This section contains 338 words
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