The House of God - Chapter 22 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 22 Summary

Roy says goodbye to the Unit and wishes he could stay on. Even so, he admits his goodbyes were unemotional. Roy wonders how he can change his personality from type A to type B to reduce his risk of heart disease.

He has pangs of withdrawal leaving the Unit and doesn't want to go see Marcel Marceau with Berry. He talks to Gilheeny and Quick who convince him to go to the show by manhandling him and putting him in the squad car. He goes to the show with Berry and the policemen. The policemen feel like they have saved Roy by making him go to the show.

Roy finally confesses to Berry that he killed Saul and talks about the families of the patient in the intensive care unit. Roy realizes that all of the interns, including him, have gone around like zombies, too afraid to cry. He begins to repair himself as a human being, according to him.

Chapter 22 Analysis

Death is still a major theme as Roy struggles to free himself from his own death. He misses the intensive care unit so much that he goes back instead of going to the show. His friends save him from that mistake and he finally realizes how he has run from death and how much of a machine he has become. He confesses what he did with Saul to Berry, which is the beginning of his redemption. He now sincerely wants to begin the healing process.

This section contains 252 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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