The House of God - Chapter 19 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 19 Summary

Roy is still at the MICU with Jo and Pinkus. Roy is still convinced he's going to die of whatever the BMS has. He returns to the Unit to find that the BMS has coded, and they go all out trying to save him. Despite their efforts, the BMS dies. Pinkus asks if the BMS had a hobby.

It's Roy's first night on call, and he runs into the night nurse who teaches him about all that he needs to know to run the ward. At eleven o'clock, he watches the nurses change into their street clothes, called the "eleven o'clock striptease".

He admits an old woman by the name of Zock, the rich family who is building the Wing of Zock next to the hospital. She is a gomer but gets special treatment. The next morning, while visiting with Pinkus, he gets his first pair of running shoes from Pinkus. After his shift is over, he puts on some running shorts, new shoes and goes jogging.

Chapter 19 Analysis

Roy is dealing with death again—his own and the death of the BMS on the Unit. He's completely convinced that Pinkus is onto something. When he gets his new shoes, he vows to change his life, eat better, get a hobby and start running. He starts running right away, perhaps as a way of fighting off the deaths of himself and others. He's starting to feel more competent in this new setting and is learning to deal with Jo. Pinkus is becoming a good mentor for him and things are looking up for Roy.

This section contains 270 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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