The House of God - Chapter 16 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 16 Summary

A patient named Rose Budz is killed by Hooper who does a bad chest tap and gets into her spleen and liver. He doesn't mind, because it's a great postmortem examination. A patient named Tina is killed too by dialysis the team gives her. The dialysis team made a mistake during the dialysis. No one wants to take care of the lice lady.

The team goes on a field trip with the Fish to the office of Dr. Pearlman a.k.a. the Pearl—a rich private doctor who has Musak playing in his office. Next, Roy goes to visit Molly, who is angry that Roy didn't remember Valentine's Day. Roy feels guilty. She asks him to check on a dying patient of the Runt's. Another resident goes in there and brings the man back from the brink of death so he can't die peacefully. After calling a code and working on him, the guy ends up on a respirator. Roy talks to Chuck about the case and realizes they are drifting apart. He talks to the Runt, who is chastised by another resident about having given the man morphine to hasten his death. The Runt talks about his sexual exploits.

Roy plots to get rid of the patient named Harry by sneaking him out before he can have an arrhythmia but is foiled by Putzel, a private doctor. Harry finally has a heart attack anyway. Saul is in a coma. Roy is angry at Putzel and starts a rumor that an intern is intending to assassinate Putzel.

Berry comes in to visit Roy when he is on call. She's worried about him. She finds the intern's humor sick. She is nauseous when faced with the smell of the gomers. Berry expresses her concerns to the Fat Man. She thinks Roy is getting too cynical. Roy tells Putzel he's going to do him in and gets restrained by hospital guards.

Chapter 16 Analysis

Roy is beginning to snap, starting with dealing with the man who was about to die and ending with his threat to kill Dr. Putzel. Berry is worried about him and even the Fats is beginning to worry about him. He's faced with death and malpractice suits on a daily basis. He just can't cope with what's going on around him. He's upset that he can't let patients die peacefully, and he can't get rid of or turf his patients. He's drifting apart from everyone, including his love interests, his friends and other interns. He feels like he's stepped out on his own and doesn't know how he feels about that.

This section contains 439 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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