The House of God - Chapter 12 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 12 Summary

Roy is working around Christmas in the clinic and in the EW. He learns that he's not supposed to actually treat the patients in the clinic, because the cure is worse than the disease. He just needs to talk to him. Roy likes the clinic and enjoys talking to his patients. He feels good about his work in the EW, too, and finally is feeling human. He learns that the psychiatric resident doesn't have to touch patients until they're medically cleared. He looks up to the psychiatric resident.

He takes care of a patient with extremely high blood pressure who later signs himself out. He takes care of a patient who took an "overdose" of dog food. He has sexual feelings for a patient he sees with neck pain. He takes care of a patient who overdosed on deodorant. He goes with Molly to an Ice Capades show and gets a Christmas present from Molly—a tiepin that says MVI on it.

Chapter 12 Analysis

This chapter gives us a look at the humorous side of working in the EW. The patients are all unique and a bit crazy. Roy is doing well and enjoying his time in the EW, even though this is the busy season. His relationship with Molly is blossoming, and he is taking her out. We don't hear much about Berry in this section but we are led to believe she is still in the picture, and he is taking two women out. Roy is less cynical and is just coping as best he can, enjoying the company of his colleagues and others at the EW.

This section contains 275 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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