The House of God - Chapter 10 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 10 Summary

Roy eats oysters with Berry and discusses how he is coping. Roy is a bit confused about everything, especially now that he's got a girl (Molly) on the side.

His next rotation is the Emergency Ward or EW. He's nervous about it and wonders if he can handle it. In the EW, he meets up again with Gilheeny and Quick, the two policemen that hang out in the emergency ward. He also meets two surgeons, Gath and Elihu, as well as Sylvia and Dini, the nurses. It's the middle of the autumn, just past the Jewish Holy days.

He gets a tour of the EW and learns about Abe, the guy who lives in the waiting room. He learns that the rules of the EW are to Buff and Turf like crazy—something he's used to from the medicine ward. He learns to separate disease from hypochondria, thus making it easier on everyone. He learns about being a sieve, or sending all patients into the hospital or being a wall and keeping patients away from being admitted. He learns the phrase "meet 'em and street 'em" and handles everything from cardiac arrests to simple cases. He learns how to work with the surgical residents on the ward.

Chapter 10 Analysis

Roy is learning how to function in a whole new part of the hospital and finds that the rules are much the same. He doesn't struggle much with his work on the emergency ward and finds it comfortable there. As he deals with patient after patient, he becomes more competent at buffing and turfing the patients as he did on the medicine ward.

This section contains 278 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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