The House of God - Chapter 9 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 9 Summary

Roy hears a rumor that Fats had his anal mirror on the "Today Show". While it's a rumor, it intrigues him. He talks with Fats about it and about Fats' dreams and fantasies. The Runt continues to talk about his sexual exploits with Angel. They all divulge their sexual exploits with the Fats. He tells them hey need to sleep with one of the social workers to get better placement for their gomers. Roy and the Runt sleep with the social workers, and their patients start to get placed faster.

Saul, the leukemia patient, gets saved by chemotherapy. He tells Saul he's not going to die. Roy talks to Jo about how she can improve her standing with the interns, as she is not very popular. He admits a patient with "microdeckia" meaning that he isn't playing with a full deck. Roy has sex with Molly in the call room. In the middle of it, there is a crash. The medical student had let a gomer go to ground from a high height, resulting in a hip fracture.

Dr. Sanders, who had been dying for a long time, finally dies, and it is an awful death. Roy gets chewed out for not getting a postmortem examination on him. He said he loved him too much to just let him be chopped up at the postmortem. Roy finally tells Jo the truth about why their ward has been going so well and that everyone hates her. He has a talk with the Leggo about what the Fat Man's rules, are and how they've worked to do as little as possible on their patients. He tells the Leggo that no one likes him either.

Several of the interns have a sexual encounter with some nurses as they wind up their clerkship on Ward 6-South.

Chapter 9 Analysis

Roy is distressed by the death of Dr. Sanders and he's come to realize that he hasn't ever really saved anyone so far. He's disillusioned enough to tell Jo, his resident, and Leggo, the Chief of Medicine, that no one likes them as if he's using this opportunity to get back at them for all they've done to him. He's finishing up his first rotation in the House of God, and he and the other interns use humor and sex as a way of saying goodbye. He's still using many defense mechanisms to cope with all of the horrible things he's experienced on this rotation and has done his best to take care of himself.

This section contains 424 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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