The House of God - Chapter 8 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 8 Summary

It is now mid-September, and Roy is becoming a master of "saving himself". The Runt has been having a lot of sex with Angel, and it is helping his self-esteem as an intern. Roy learns the ninth rule of the house: "The only good admission is a dead admission," meaning that it is a good thing when the patient dies soon after being admitted. The Runt talks about his sexual escapades with Angel. It apparently took all of his nervousness away.

Roy and Chick flip coins to lighten the Runt's load, and Chuck saves a gomer who can't breathe by digging broccoli out of her throat. They call her the "Broccoli Lady". All of the interns on the floor become extremely competent. Roy makes up another rule of the house: "You can't find a fever if you don't take a temperature".

The group is introduced to a contest called the "Black Crow Award" which will be awarded to the intern who gets the highest percentage of postmortem examinations by the end of the year. Hooper and Eddie are both interested in getting the award.

Potts continues to be haunted by the comatose "Yellow Man" who has yet to die. They have a luncheon to discuss getting postmortems on as many patients as possible, encouraged by the Fish and Dr. Leggo.

Roy finally goes out with Molly and has sex with her. He is still seeing Berry, his girlfriend. He feels like his relationship with Berry is on the rocks, a phrase he calls ROR, similar to MOR, which means "Marriage on Rocks".

Chapter 8 Analysis

Roy is learning to cope through humor and sex. He finally gets past his fantasies about Molly and turns that into reality. He and the others are coping with intense stress through humor, most of it being black humor. There is still a great deal of camaraderie among the interns, in spite of the contest called the Black Crow Award. Roy worries that some of his colleagues, namely Howard Hooper is taking the Black Crow too seriously. Roy continues to gain in competency on the ward with his fellow interns.

This section contains 359 words
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