The House of God - Chapter 7 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 7 Summary

Roy realizes he's "hanging himself" by making he charts and the patients look so good, because they now start to get the tough cases as a "reward" for their hard work. This means he has to work harder.

Roy and Chuck start to play basketball together, and sometimes they'd play touch football. Potts moves on to another assignment, and the Runt takes his place. Someone keeps putting MVI after Roy's name everywhere, which stands for "Most Valuable Intern". It's a joke but he can't figure out who's doing it.

Chuck starts sleeping with housekeeping, and their sheets and bedding get changed frequently. Roy continues to have sexual fantasies about Molly. The Runt is nervous about working with Roy, and Chuck and he are introduced around to the medical students and staff.

The Runt wants to ask out Angel, one of the nursing staff but he's nervous about that. Roy and the others end up doing a lot of the Runt's work as the Runt was too nervous to do anything himself.

Roy meets Saul, a leukemia patient he really likes. He has to give him chemotherapy to save him. The Runt finally asks Angel out and has sex with her. Roy, through dealings with patients, is learning to feel competent at what he does.

Chapter 7 Analysis

Things are settling down for Roy. He is beginning to feel like he can handle anything and, even though he still hates what he's doing. He does it with a certain finesse that is getting him noticed. He is dealing with patients he has come to like and care about but he's steeling himself against feeling too much. The team is joking around with one another but several are still unsure of what they are doing. Roy is helping his buddies the best they can, and there is a certain camaraderie among the interns. He still hates Jo but spends as little time with her as possible. Roy has clearly learned much in just a few weeks.

This section contains 338 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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