The House of God - Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 6 Summary

The Fat Man is sent off to Mt. St Elsewheres. His new resident is a crass female named Jo, who was absent as her father committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. Roy doesn't know how he's going to survive without the Fat Man. Jo is asking for complete work ups on these gomers, and it goes against everything he's been taught so far. He argues with Jo over what to do with the patients as they disagree on everything.

At first, he goes along with Jo and works everything up, only to find that the patients are getting worse. He figures out a way to falsify everything they do to the gomers and do nothing to them in reality, just to keep Jo happy. He feels sorry for Jo, who needs the House just to feel good about herself.

He finds out what Fat Man's invention is—an anal mirror in which patients can look at their own anuses. He finds out that his colleagues, especially Potts, are having a harder time with Jo, who keeps torturing Potts with wanting to do everything on everyone. The Yellow Man is still alive and still tortures Potts, because Potts didn't give him steroids at the beginning.

Chapter 6 Analysis

This is beginning to be a battle between the survivors and the non-survivors among the interns. Roy is doing everything, even that which is unethical, in order to survive and in order to help the gomers. Potts is floundering, taking on too much and is much too sensitive to all the chaos going on around them. Roy is taking a rough situation and is making the best of it, while Potts is just barely treading water. Roy has set himself against Jo in favor of the Fat Man and his seemingly crazy ideas.

This section contains 306 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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