The House of God - Chapter 2 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 2 Summary

We now flash back to the beginning of his internship, where he starts at the House of God. He explains how the intern was at the bottom of the medical heirarchy, and how everyone from the private doctors to the housekeeping staff can abuse the intern. He describes the "slurpers" or those who licked the asses of the one above them to try to get ahead. He admits to being scared out of his mind to be an intern at the House of God.

He's in bed with Berry, his girlfriend and talks about how scared he is. She tells him to practice denial.

He's introduced to the House of God, complete with the gradually building "Wing of Zock". He meets Fishberg, also known as the Fish, a Chief Resident, who he describes as a slurper. He also meets the Chief of Medicine, Dr. Leggo. He gets a lecture on the sanctity of life by Leggo and another lecture on hobbies by Pinkus, a staff cardiologist. He meets Dr. Frank, the House Psychiatrist who lectures them on what a strain it is in the internship. Finally, he meets Dr. Pearlstein, "The Pearl", a rich private doctor who gives them another lecture about how tough the internship will be.

He and his fellow interns, Chuck and Eat My Dust Eddy go down and visit their wards, staring at the gomers and wondering how bad it's going to be. He enjoys a drink with Chuck and talks about why they got into medicine in the first place. He finds out he's sharing a rotation with Chuck the next day. In the end, Roy gets a letter from his dad that talks about all there is to learn in medicine. The letter is much more serious than Roy feels at the moment.

Chapter 2 Analysis

Roy is getting acclimated to the shock of what medicine at the House of God is all about. He's starting to get sarcastic and thinks some things are funny that definitely aren't funny at all. He's meeting many of the characters that will be a part of the book throughout its length. Roy is scared but gradually, through meeting the others, he's steeling himself to the reality that all of this will be difficult. His dad's letter is so out of place when compared to how he feels and what he's expecting the House of God to be. Portions of the letter show up throughout the rest of the book as a contrast to what is really going on.

This section contains 425 words
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