The House of God - Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis

Samuel Shem
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Chapter 1 Summary

The book starts actually at the end of the book with the main character having finished his internship at the House of God. He's lying with his girlfriend, Berry, reflecting back on his year of internship. The two are vacationing in the South of France. They are enjoying a lunch of artichokes in a garden, reflecting back on the year and on the "gomers"—the elderly, demented patients he had to take care of in the House of God. Everything is reminding him of the gomers. He even sees them at a hospice and feels anxious about it.

He flashes back to a fantasy of a cardiac arrest he'd like to be involved with, involving an erotic scene with a nurse. His fantasy ends with the patient dead and all the staff enjoying sex on the blood-slippery floor.

Chapter 1 Analysis

The main character, Roy Basch, is letting the reader know that he survived but that his mind still isn't right. He can't really enjoy his vacation in the South of France. His memories go back to gomers, cardiac arrests and the people he came into contact with at the House of God—the name of the hospital in which he did his internship. There are a lot of sexual themes as Roy uses sex to cope throughout the book. This chapter also opens the reader up to the way Roy is now thinking, which is in terms of medicalizing everything.

This section contains 247 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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