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Consider Maggie's marriage to the Prince. Is it a marriage of love, or it the Prince simply an item, a relic, that Maggie and her father add to their collection?

Consider the idea presented in the first chapter of the novel that science is the "absence of prejudice backed by the presence of money." Do you believe this idea is correct? Why or why not?

Explore the symbolism of the golden bowl as it appears in different sections of the novel. What effect does it have on the various characters? Why is it so significant?

Consider Charlotte's actions. In what way is she responsible for the problems between Maggie and the Prince? Do you believe Charlotte is completely at fault or were there other circumstances that lead to her affair with the Prince? Explain your answer.

Describe Fanny Assingham's role in the novel. Do you believe she acted as she should have, or should she have treated the situation she saw developing between the Prince and Charlotte differently? Why or why not?

How much do you believe Maggie's father knew of Charlotte and the Prince's affair? Defend your answer.

Do you believe Charlotte's move back to America was a just punishment for her actions? What is your opinion of Charlotte's attempt to end Maggie's relationship with her father? Explain your answers.

In your opinion, what did the telegraph that Charlotte receives from the Prince before her marriage to Mr. Verver mean? Give examples to support your opinion.

This section contains 253 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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