The Golden Bowl Setting & Symbolism

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London is the town in which the Prince and Maggie live at the time they are married.


Rome is the place where the Prince proposed to Maggie.

American City

The American City is the place in America that is Maggie and Adam Verver's hometown and the place where Mr. Verver hopes to build his museum.

The Oratory

The Oratory is the location where Maggie and the Prince are married.

Portland Place

Portland Place is the name of Adam and Charlotte Verver's home.

Cadogan Place

Cadogan Place is the location in London where Fanny Assingham and her husband live.

The Fawns

The Fawns is the name of Adam Verver's country home.

A Pin-cushion from the Baker-Street Bazaar

It is this item that Charlotte jokes she will give to Maggie as a wedding gift.

Bloomsbury Street

Bloomsbury Street is the location of the shop where the golden bowl is for sale.

The Golden Bowl

The golden bowl is a gold decorated crystal bowl that Charlotte considers as a wedding gift for Maggie. Maggie later buys the bowl as a present for her father.

Palazzo Nero

The Palazzo Nero is the Prince's home in Rome.


It is after a few days vacation in Brighton that Mr. Verver asks Charlotte to marry him.

Telegraph from the Prince

This telegraph that Charlotte receives from the Prince when she is trying to decide whether or not to marry Mr. Verver carries an ambiguous message which can be interpreted to have both positive and negative meanings.

This section contains 254 words
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