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"The Eye of the World" is a journey of self-discovery. Rand, Mat and Perrin are being hunted by the Dark One, though no one knows why. Moiraine is an Aes Sedai, people who have the ability to touch the True Source and draw on a magic called the One Power, and she intends to find out what the Dark One wants with them. She guides them on a journey towards Tar Valon, the Aes Sedai seat of power. The three boys have many experiences, learning about themselves as they journey. Their destinies are intertwined, and one of them holds the key to the doom and salvation of the world. They must discover whom they are in order to prepare themselves for the coming battle. "The Eye of the World" is the first book of an epic saga in a vast, richly-detailed fantasy world by a well-known writer.

Rand, Mat and Perrin are three boys from Emond's Field who learn they are being hunted by the forces of the Dark One. They leave their village in the company of Moiraine, an Aes Sedai, who wants to take them to Tar Valon where the other Aes Sedai reside so they can learn why the Dark One wants one or all of them. They travel with Lan, a Warder who guards Moiraine, and with Thom, a gleeman, and Egwene, another villager. Trollocs, half-beast men, and Myrddraal, powerful cloaked figures, pursue the travelers until Moiraine is able to affect their escape. Egwene learns she has the potential to be an Aes Sedai and is anxious to begin training. The group travels to Baerlon where Nynaeve, the Wisdom from Emond's Field, tracks them down and joins their group.

The group is pursued by Trollocs and Myrddraal again and then forced to fight. Mat learns the blood of an ancient king is strong in him. The group shelters in a deserted city and are separated when they are forced to flee the great evil that is found there. Rand and Mat apprentice with Thom while they travel along a river, learning his craft. Thom falls to a Myrddraal and the two boys are forced to continue on their own. Mat begins to fall under an evil curse from a dagger he took from the dead city. Perrin and Egwene make their way alone until they encounter a strange man who can communicate with wolves. Perrin learns he has the same gift and a transformation begins in him, though he tries to deny it. Nynaeve groups with Moiraine and Lan, and she learns she also has the potential to be an Aes Sedai, though she dislikes it. She travels with Moiraine and Lan in order to find the boys and Egwene.

Perrin and Egwene are captured by Whitecloaks and taken prisoner. They are rescued by Lan, Moiraine and Nynaeve, and together they track down Rand and Mat. The reunited group is joined by Loial, an Ogier, and learns they must travel to the Eye of the World in order to stop the Dark One from breaking free of his prison. Loial provides the means of getting them across the great distance quickly. At the Eye, Rand comes into power, discovering he is also an Aes Sedai. Rand confronts the Dark One and emerges victorious. Moiraine believes he is the Dragon Reborn and will fulfill the prophecies, saving or dooming the world.

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This section contains 568 words
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