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"No, mademoiselle, I would not like to see the children's menu. I have no doubt that the children's menu itself tastes better than the meals on it. I would like to order a la carter. Or don't you serve fish to minors" (Chapter 1, p. 7).

"A micro TV. But also a verbally controlled computer, a mobile phone, a diagnostic aid. This little box can read any information on absolutely any platform, electronic or organic. It can play video, laser disks, DVDs, go online, retrieve e-mail, hack any computer. It can even scan your chest to see how fast your heart's beating. Its battery is good for two years, and of course it's completely wireless" (Chapter 1, p. 10).

"It's difficult to say. There are best- and worse-case scenarios. Our mysterious guest could learn all about us whenever he wishes and do with our civilization what he will... That was the best-case scenario" (Chapter 2, p. 36).

"Nothing more could be done. Either Artemis was safe, or he was not. If not, Butler was in no condition to fulfill the terms of his contract. This realization brought tremendous calm. No more responsibility. Just his own life to live, for a few seconds at any rate. And anyway, Artemis wasn't just a Principal. He was his only true friend. Madame Ko might not have liked this attitude, but there wasn't much she could do about it now. There wasn't much anybody could do" (Chapter 3, p. 41).

"Please, Holly. I can't just let him go. It's Butler" (Chapter 3, p. 71).

"Gold isn't all-important, Arty. Neither is power. We have everything we need right here. The three of us" (Chapter 3, p. 82).

"You succeeded because fortune was with you. Fortune is not enough in our business" (Chapter 4, p. 101).

"The Cube is voice activated, and coded to Artemis Fowl's voice patterns. Nobody can break the code. It's not possible" (Chapter 5, p. 106).

"What do you want people to call you? Lofty? You're short, Loafers. Get over it. That's what gives you your edge. My godfather always says; there's nothing more dangerous than a short guy with something to prove. That's why you've got a job" (Chapter 5, p. 112).

"Not so long ago I would have been very impressed by your antics. Such audacity, and still a minor. But now, speaking as a father, I am telling you that things have to change, Arty. You must reclaim your childhood. It is my wish, and your mother's, that you return to school after the holidays, and leave the family's business to me...Trust me, Arty. I've been in business a lot longer than you. I have promised your mother that the Fowls are on the straight and narrow from now on. All the Fowls. I have another chance, and I will not waste it on greed. We are a family now. A proper one. From now on the Fowl name will be associated with honor and honesty" (Chapter 6, p. 123-124).

"This is serious. We cannot afford to risk that this Spiro person will activate another probe. However small the possibility, there's still a chance. I have to put together an insertion team. The works, fully tooled-up Retrieval team" (Chapter 7, p. 147).

"While I was a prisoner, I thought about my life, how I had wasted it gathering riches whatever the cost to my family and others around me. In a man's life, he gets few chances to make a difference. To do the right thing. To be a hero, if you will. I intend to become involved in that struggle...And what about you, Arty? Will you make the journey with me? When the moment comes, will you take your chance to be a hero" (Chapter 8, p. 156).

"No, Butler. This is of vital importance. It concerns the mind wipes. It my plan succeeds, we will have to submit to them. I see no way to sabotage the process itself, so I must ensure that something survives Foaly's search. Something that will trigger our memories of the People. Foaly once told me that a strong enough stimulus can result in total recall" (Chapter 8, p. 158).

"I didn't think so. But they're here somewhere. Believe it or not, Digence, Artemis Fowl did not get suckered by a goon like you. He's here because he wants to be here" (Chapter 8, p. 175).

"Good evening, friends. Everything proceeds according to plan, taking it that Mulch made it back alive. I must warn you to expect a visit from Spiro's goons. I am certain his personnel have been monitoring the streets. It should lull him into a false sense of security if he believes my people to be wiped out. Mr. Spiro has kindly given me a tour of the facility, and I hope you have recorded everything we need to complete our mission. I believe the local term for this kind of operation is heist. This is what I want you to do" (Chapter 9, p. 198).

"Artemis isn't the only one with brains around here" (Chapter 9, p. 230).

"Just shut up, Artemis. Just close your mouth. And I thought you'd changed. The commander was right. There's no changing human nature" (Chapter 10, p. 238).

"I wanted to see how far you'd get. You're an amazing kid, Arty. No one has ever made it into the vault before, and you'd be amazed how many professionals have tried. There are obviously a few glitches in my system, something the security people will have to look at. How did you get in here anyway" (Chapter 10, p. 249).

"I reckon I've got twenty years left in me. After that the world can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I have no family, no heirs. There's no need to build for the future. I'm going to suck this planet dry, and with this Cube I can do whatever I want to whoever I want" (Chapter 10, p. 254-255).

"Don't you understand yet? You're all on tape. The Cube was working for me" (Chapter 10, p. 263).

"You don't understand, Jon. It's like I told you. I was never here. And one more thing. About my name, Artemis. You were right in London, it is generally a female name. After the Greek goddess of archery. But every now and then a male comes along with such a talent for hunting that he earns the right to use the name. I am that male. Artemis the hunter. I hunted you" (Chapter 10, p. 267).

"I've come for you. I've come to even the score" (Chapter 11, p. 283).

"These memories are part of who I am" (Chapter 12, p. 289).

"This doesn't feel right. If he found us once, he could find us again. Especially if he goes back to being the monster he was" (Chapter 12, p. 303).

"I have not finished with you yet, Mulch Diggums. On your return, tell your lawyer to check the date on the original search warrant for your cave. When you are released keep your nose clean for a couple of years. Then bring the medallion to me. Together we will be unstoppable. Your friend and benefactor, Artemis Fowl II" (Chapter 12, p. 305).

"I have decided to keep a diary. In fact, I am surprised that the idea has never occurred to me before. An intellect such as mine should be documented, so that future generations of Fowls can take advantage of my brilliant ideas" (Epilogue, p. 306).

"Overwhelming difficulties, you may think. An ordinary person would draw the shutters and hide from the world. But I am no ordinary person. I am Artemis Fowl, the latest in the Fowl crime dynasty, and I will not be turned from my path. I will find whoever planted those lenses and they will pay for their presumption. And once I am rid of this nuisance, my plans will proceed unhindered. I shall unleash a crime wave the likes of which has never been seen. The world will remember the name of Artemis Fowl" (Epilogue, p. 309).

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