The Eternity Code Setting & Symbolism

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Fowl Manor

Fowl Manor in Ireland is Artemis's ancestral home. This is where Holly takes Butler to recuperate when she uses healing magic to save his life after Blunt shoots him. Jon Spiro also sends Mulch and Loafers to Fowl Manor to kidnap Artemis, and at the end of the novel, this is where the mind wipes take place.

En Fin

En Fin is the restaurant in Knightsbridge, London where Artemis arranges a business meeting with Jon Spiro which ends with Blunt shooting Butler.

C Cube

The C Cube is a miniature computer that reads any data, whether it is electronic or organic. Artemis created it using fairy technology, but when he offers to keep it off the market for a year for a sum, Jon Spiro steals it. Since it can scan the Lower Elements because it was created with fairy technology, Holly, Mulch and Foaly help Artemis retrieve the C Cube.

Fission Chips

Fission Chips is the name of Jon Spiro's technology company.

Haven City, Lower Elements

Haven City is the underground home of Holly and the other fairy people. They are put on lockdown after the C Cube pinges their security system, so Holly is sent to the surface to locate the source of the ping.

Ice Age Cryogenics Institute

Ice Age Cryogenics Institute is the only cryogenics center in Knightsbridge with empty units, so Artemis rents the mobile unit for one night to store Butler after he is shot to give Holly a chance to heal him.

Sfax, Tunisia

Juliet's final mission to graduate from Madame Ko's bodyguard training camp takes place in Sfax, Tunisia in North Africa. Juliet fails the test, but Artemis contacts her to alert her that Butler needs her.

Spiro Needle

Located in Chicago, the Spiro Needle is home to Fission Chips and Jon Spiro, so it is set up with the world's best security system. This is where Spiro stores the C Cube, but when he brings Artemis to the Spiro Needle to unlock the eternity code, Artemis and his associates concoct a plan to retrieve the C Cube.

O'Hare International Airport

Jon Spiro meets Artemis at the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago when Artemis arrives from Ireland with Mulch to unlock the C Cube.

Vacant Lot in Malthouse Industrial Estates

Pex and Chips bury Mulch alive in a vacant lot in the Malthouse Industrial Estates in Chicago, but Mulch digs his way out.

Artemis's Diary

Artemis's Diary is where he keeps records of his criminal ventures and his interactions with his father where he expresses the fear that the fairy healing magic has changed his father's personality.


Phonetix is Spiro's main competitor, and when Holly mesmerizes Pex and Chips to suggest Spiro should use the C Cube to access and steal their schematics for future projects, Spiro jumps at the chance. Unfortunately for him, this is part of Artemis's plan to retrieve the C Cube and set Spiro up to be arrested.

Gold Coin

Holly gives Artemis a gold coin which he has Butler encrypt with data about the fairies to trigger his memories before the mind wipe. Artemis then gives the coin to Mulch with a note to return it to Artemis in a few years so he can revive his memories, promising that they will be unstoppable together.

This section contains 553 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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